What is Artisan Hemp Flower?

artisan hemp flower buds


With the ever-loosening laws that are slowly but surely working away the shackles that once barred the use of hemp, we’re seeing a rise in the production of various flowers that offer a range of flavors, aromas, and benefits. As cultivators and growers exercise their freedom with the growing of hemp, there’s a significant increase in the variety of hemp available, giving buyers access to a wider selection of hemp flowers with properties and benefits that continue to extend the horizons of how we’ve come to know hemp in the past.

Today, one of the most interesting facets of the industry that continues to grow and evolve is that of artisan hemp. Considered the creme de la creme of hemp, artisan hemp is pure CBD goodness contained in plant form. Often described to be even better than top-shelf hemp, artisan hemp is pricey yet deserving of its steep cost, offering an awakening experience that’s likely to leave every other hemp you’ve tried in the dust.

Curious about artisan hemp? Here’s everything you need to know about this elusive, luxurious hemp connoisseur’s dream.


What Makes Hemp Flower ‘Artisan?’

To give hemp flower an elite status over the rest of the choices available on the market, master cultivators and growers carefully make their way through the growing process, ensuring that every step of the hemp’s growth is properly accomplished to the highest of standards. This includes the use of world-class growing facilities, carefully formulated fertilizers, and organic handling and preparation processes that reduce the impact of man-made chemicals on the final product.

Hand-trimmed after harvest, artisan hemp flowers are then dried and cured for 60-days in thoughtfully prepared facilities, using premium, air-tight jars that ensure the protection of the hemp against contamination and bacteria. Artisan hemp will typically demonstrate an exceptionally high CBD content, with THC falling well below the 0.3% limits set by national laws. These meticulously cultivated strains would have been grown and processed by hand all throughout its cultivation and post-harvest preparation, allowing the highest level of quality control.

artisan hemp flower strains



The Benefits of Artisan Hemp Flower

Those who use and enjoy hemp often leverage the herb for its ability to quell a variety of discomforts that plague both the mind and body. For the most part, we can thank CBD for these benefits. This main chemical compound found in hemp is what makes it especially useful to its growing market, offering the ability to address a range of physical and cognitive issues that many of us deal with day to day.

With that in mind, artisan hemp flower was developed with the specific goal to further increase and enhance the benefits of hemp flower. With a cannabinoid profile that’s far more complex and robust compared to its average, everyday hemp flower counterpart, artisan hemp aims to further improve the entire smoking experience for its users. For you, that means hard-hitting, potent, satisfying effects that are magnified and more pronounced, even after using smaller amounts of the product.

And while that might be all well and good, experts and advocates of the hemp flower movement assert that hemp flower might be even more advantageous than we’ve been led to believe.


The Whole-Plant Entourage Effect

There are proponents that assert that the use of hemp as a raw herb is unnecessary especially if it can be purchased as plain CBD from health stores.

By using the raw herb, its CBD content mixes with other cannabinoids and terpenes to generate an effect that’s far more potent and beneficial compared to lab-manufactured supplements that isolate the CBD.

This is what’s called the ‘entourage effect’ – the combination of the different compounds in hemp which synergize and work together to increase the results of each individual component. When broken down into isolated chemical compounds, these components are unlikely to produce the same potent effects that the whole plant would, requiring larger doses to achieve a similar effect.

artisan cbd flower buds


How Do You Use Artisan Hemp?

Naturally, with the break-out of a brand-new premium grade hemp flower, you would expect sellers to take advantage of every possible angle. These days, it’s not uncommon to find artisan hemp flower oils, tinctures, capsules, and a range of other products that promise to give you the same potent benefits in easy to consume form. But experts warn against the use of these products.

Not that they’re not effective as CBD – they’re likely still more potent than your typical CBD oil choices. But the beauty of artisan hemp flower is in the raw, natural herb. Achieving optimum effects with artisan hemp entails using it in its rawest form, without putting it through any processes that could compromise the entourage effect.

So, what’s the best way to use artisan hemp? Simple – stick it in a pipe or a vape. Smoking or vaping provides the purest experience, letting you enjoy the maximum benefits of premium artisan hemp without squandering its world-class, organic cultivation. Any other method of use can compromise the whole-plant advantages of the herb, bringing it at par with any top-shelf strain you’re likely to find in stores or online.

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