What are The Effects & Benefits of CBG

We all know CBD to be the poster-child for cannabinoids. Hailed as the single most potent compound in cannabis chemistry, cannabidiol has reached a point of popularity where it’s deliberately singled-out, isolated, and sold as its own product. But hot on the heels of this gleaming golden child is a dark horse that’s out to overthrow its CBD brother. Meet CBG.

Cannabigerol has yet to reach the superstar levels that CBD has achieved over the years, but its well on its way there. With new research demonstrating the benefits of this up-and-coming cannabinoid compound, manufacturers and buyers are slowly but surely awakening to the reality that CBD isn’t all there is.

But what exactly are the effects and benefits of CBG and how is it different from its distinguished brother? Find out here.


The Mechanism of CBG

Unlike CBD, CBG isn’t available in copious amounts in the cannabis plant. Making up less than 1% of cannabis’ cannabinoid profile, CBG’s modest concentrations make it difficult for researchers to collect a large enough sample to find out what it does. But research hasn’t all been unsuccessful. Some studies have discovered that CBG – although lacking in concentration – is one of the reasons why CBD reaches such saturated amounts.

From its acidic, inactive form called ‘CBGA’, the compound undergoes chemical processes, breaking down into the base molecule needed to form a vast array of other cannabinoids. These include CBD, CBC, and even the controversial THC. So, in a way, you might say that without CBG, CBD wouldn’t be the celebrity compound that it is. In fact, a lot of the other cannabinoids found in hemp might not reach their level of concentration without CBG diligently playing its role in the background.


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What are the Effects of CBG?

When taken in through cannabis products – whether as smoke, edible, topical, or whatever else – CBG offers similar effects as the CBD compound. It’s a non-psychotropic, which means it won’t cause that intoxicated feeling that THC produces. In fact, studies have found that CBG might even combat the effects of THC, further strengthening the argument of the Entourage Effect.

Some anecdotal sources have described that using CBG isolate after a dose of full-spectrum product like hemp flower or oil can further decrease the trace effects of THC, if any at all. The result is an ultra-lucid experience that minimizes the hazy, clouded cognitive effects that THC is known to produce.

But it isn’t without its effects on the mind and body. If anything, both CBG and CBD inspire release from some of the most common discomforts that impact a person’s cognition and physical being. These include everything from stress to actual physical aches and tension.

Presently, there’s no established science on how CBG achieves these results. But researchers speculate that it might have something to do with GABA reuptake inhibition. By limiting the re-absorption of GABA, CBG drowns the neural synapses in chemicals that work to reduce stress, apprehension, and muscle tension for a relaxed, calm, and collected disposition.

Of course, all of that is presently still considered speculation. Because CBG is only just piercing through our consciousness as a beneficial chemical compound found in cannabis, studies are only just beginning. As we continue to learn more about its behavior and effects, we may begin to discover more of its practical applications.


What are the Benefits of CBG?

So, in what ways can CBG be beneficial to you? Well, although studies are still in their infantile state, there are publications that offer significant promise for those looking for reason to advance the forward propulsion of CBG through the market. Do keep in mind that none of these claims have been approved by the FDA. Their sole purpose is to direct future studies so that we can discover more of the benefits of CBG and develop the compound for targeted treatment.


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The Promise of CBG

Most cannabis advocates have long supported the plight of the humble plant. But after decades of being tagged a controlled substance, cannabis is only just starting to move into the limelight, especially in terms of medical research. And while some of its chemical compounds – like CBD – have earned a prominent spot in the minds of cannabis connoisseurs, others are just starting to reach full bloom.

CBG might not yet be a part of our vocabulary, but with promising benefits and effects, this cannabinoid its well on its way to super stardom. With more research and advocacy, CBG is poised to become the next big cannabinoid hot shot, and experts predict that it’s only a matter of time until then.


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