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Birthday Cake Cannabis Strain Review

January 20, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Birthday Cake Cannabis Strain Review

Birthday Cake Cannabis Strain

Let them eat (or smoke) cake! The Birthday Cake strain brings you the best of both worlds, offering a flavorful, aromatic encounter blended together with deeply relaxing effects. The well-rounded strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that boasts a heritage that’s as rich and flavorful as a big fat slice of cake on your special day.

Sometimes called Wedding Cake or Birthday Cake Kush, this strain lends a gentle euphoria that can stretch a smile across your face – the same way a mouthful of rainbow colored cakey goodness would do. So if you’re looking to escape the blues of a mundane and stressful day, or if you’re simply wanting to celebrate a special occasion, there’s no better way to do it than with a bowlful of Birthday Cake.


The Birthday Cake’s Lineage

Baked from a concoction of some of the cannabis industry’s biggest names, the Birthday Cake strain owes some of its popularity and positive reception to its successful parents. The cultivar combines qualities from the iconic Cookies family and the legendary Cherry Pie to produce an undeniably sweet treat that’s adapted for all occasions.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain or simply GSC is one of Birthday Cake’s ancestors. Setting the golden standard for hybrids, this perfect 50-50 cultivar launches your body into a total state of subdued relaxation as it elevates the mind into a fantasy world of euphoria. Its lip-licking goodness – mimicking the taste of fresh baked cookies – can make any connoisseur swoon.

While GSC sets the bar high, Cherry Pie doesn’t really struggle to meet those golden standards. Another well balanced 50-50 herb, Cherry Pie’s thick, pasty, dough-flavored smoke lends mouthwatering flavor to its Birthday Cake offspring. The result is a well-rounded experience that traverses both indica and sativa territory, all neatly packaged in a flavor profile that doesn’t betray expectations.


Birthday Cake Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

The glittering Birthday Cake nugs can look almost like a delightful present, just waiting to be ripped apart. Its dense trichome jacket glistens in the light and adds a touch of festive appeal to the strain’s overall aesthetic. A hodge podge of green takes on the foreground of the color blend, coating the nugs in a lavish layer of lime to avocado to forest green all loosely mixed together in a tie-dye of sorts.

Little orange hairs project from out of the nugs, manifesting minute birthday candles all perched on the samples’ leaves. Needless to say, the interesting interplay of colors and textures make the strain an eye-catching variety alongside other mid-priced choices on the shelf.

Ask your local budtender to crack open the jar, and the soothing scent of Birthday Cake might just knock you off your feet. The combo of lemon, sugar, and a slight tinge of pepper can scratch through your sinus with the clarifying power of menthol. And underneath all that, a strong saccharine undertone closely resembles the scent of fresh baked cookies – a quality that it gets from its GSC parent.


Experience and Effects

Despite having both 50-50 hybrid parents, the Birthday Cake strain demonstrates effects that lean dominantly on the indica side of the spectrum. The flavor encounter that comes with Birthday Cake’s heavy, creamy smoke almost exactly replicates its aroma – save for the added tinge of gasoline. But other than that minor change, it pretty much tastes like lemon cake with vanilla frosting.

The hazy smoke might leave you feeling fluttery and floaty after a few minutes in, but as the effects settle and start to take a hold, its indica-heavy qualities start to take shape. The first you’ll notice is a full-body lift that makes it feel as though you’re a hundred pounds lighter. With all the power of its complex cannabinoid profile, the strain subdues the body and immobilizes the limbs for full-on couch-lock.

But as the rest of your body succumbs to the strain’s control, your mind is left to wander freely. The wakefulness that infects the mind can keep you wide-eyed and lucid throughout the entire experience. Lying there on your sofa without the will to move, this persistent wakefulness can put you into a deeply meditative mood or help you stimulate your creativity minus the distractions of your meat suit.


Birthday Cake cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Birthday Cake is a patient and tolerant strain, working well with farmers who might not have the greenest of thumbs. The easy-going plant can thrive well even in conditions that might not be optimal, producing fair quality bud despite added humidity and moisture. But even then, aiming to meet the best conditions for the strain can help bring it to maximum genetic expression, allowing the plant the opportunity to produce more cannabinoids in the process.

With heights exceeding 6 feet and harvests of around 6 ounces for every 12 inches of height, Birthday Cake can thrive well even outdoors. Its quick turn-around also makes it far less prone to colder seasons that tend to expose long-growing herbs to poor conditions. Just make sure you plant it where it can get lots of sunlight and space, and you should be worry-free.

Birthday Cake’s ultra-high cannabinoid content – pushing the 23% mark – makes it a prized strain among manufacturers in the cannabis-derived products market. The glorious chemical make-up manifests the full power of cannabis, and proves to be the ideal choice for cooking up a range of products including edibles. By using a high CBD strain like Birthday Cake during the extraction process, you cement the potency of the end-product, reducing the chances of dampened effects.


Who Is It For?

Even in the world of cannabis, not everyone can have their cake and eat it too. While it would be grand for everyone to have a taste of Birthday Cake, the strains compelling effects on the body can make her feel a little imprisoning for low tolerance users. The shackled feel of being immobilized by the strains indica-heavy effects can be soothing and calming for those who know what to expect, but novices might want to steer clear. If you should insist, managing your dosage by taking smaller amounts should help you become accustomed to the cultivar’s profile.


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