Try The CBD Oil Review

It’s not uncommon these days to come across CBD products with outrageous prices. We’re talking $200 for a 10mL bottle of oil. And of course, with these kind of prices, it’s only normal for buyers to hunt down vendors that sell their products at more affordable, practical prices. And maybe that’s why Try The CBD has become so popular.

Yes, they’ve got a pretty weird brand name. But that doesn’t seem to have gotten in the way of their sales. Their affordable product and broad selection cater to buyers of all budgets and preferences. So should you give them a try, or are their prices a little too good to be true?


Try The CBD Oil


Try The CBD Oil Review

Try The CBD’s website uses Yotpo to verify all the reviews left behind by their buyers. So it’s really not that hard to find reliable information about their products, since they’ve got a bunch of buyer-generated reviews on their product pages.

But if you like reading slightly more in-depth reviews, then you shouldn’t struggle too hard to find some online. You would think that their odd name would make it tough to find any reviews about them. But even with the potential keyword mix up, Google delivers some pretty relevant information about Try The CBD.

Reddit threads about Try The CBD explore a few potential downsides of buying from Try The CBD. The first is that shipping might not be the fastest. The second is that the brand seems to use a white-label product as opposed to their intricate story about personally sourcing their products from Colorado.

Nonetheless, their CBD seems to get the job done based on hundreds of reviews left on their website. But that could also explain why the brand is capable of pricing their products much lower than the average vendor.


Try The CBD Product Line-Up

There are a lot of products on the Try The CBD line-up. So much in fact that the average CBD buyer would likely feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of choices. But even with a bunch of crazy items on their list, their oil remains their most popular product.

There are three different kinds of oil on the Try The CBD inventory: CBD, CBN, and CBG. Their CBD Oils are available as either full or broad spectrum, and come in strengths from 500mg to 5000mg.

On the other hand, their CBG Oil mixes together CBG and CBD at a 1:1 ratio, and works to provide calming comfort. Their CBN Oil is a 1:3 ratio that’s intended to help users experience relaxing, uninterrupted sleep.

Other staples on their line-up include capsules, softgels, topical creams, vape oils, and vape cartridges. Less common inclusions are their CBD Shatter and CBD Isolate. Their shatter comes in a variety of strains and reveals a purity of 97% based on lab reports for a more potent, more powerful kick.

If you’re on the hunt for something even stronger, their CBD Isolate boasts a purity of over 99%. The product can be added to food or drink to get an easy dose without having to experience its taste.


Try The CBD Pricing and Coupon Codes

Try The CBD Oil Review As previously mentioned, Try The CBD’s prices are impressively low compared to many other vendors they compete against. Their Full Spectrum oil starts at $34.99 for a 30mL bottle at 500mg strength, and their strongest Full Spectrum blend sells for $234.99 for 5000mg.

And while their prices are already pretty low as it is, the brand goes the extra mile to help their buyers save a buck. Their products all come with discounts the more you purchase. For instance, buying two to three oils in a single transaction earns you 25% off, while 4 to 20 can get you 30% off.

They’re also pretty big on sales, which they regularly advertise on their website. And then of course, there’s the first time buyer discount that lets you snag 15% off on your first order by signing up for their newsletter.

And to top it all off, they’ve got a loyalty program. The brand gives out points for transactions and interactions, like giving them a like on Facebook, following them on Instagram, and referring a friend. They also grant points for things like birthdays.

Accumulated points help you rise up through the ranks as a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum member. At each tier, buyers can enjoy a unique set of perks and discount offers that are exclusive only to those who accumulate enough points.


The Verdict on Try The CBD

While they might not be what you would call a premier brand, Try The CBD gets a lot of good feedback from the buyers they’ve dealt with. And because their selection is more expansive than any other you’re likely to find at their price range, they might actually be worth the shot. Sure, you’re not getting CBD that’s going to change your life, but if you just want some oil that delivers that relaxation and relief you’re looking for, Try The CBD might be just for you.


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