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Sol CBD Oil Review

The sheer number of CBD brands on the market these days means that buyers need to take extra caution when choosing who to patronize. It’s not enough that you just look at the packaging, the branding, and the copy. There are way too many sketchy sellers out there that are out to fool unsuspecting buyers with poor quality product.

Fortunately, it’s easy to spot a questionable brand at a glance, especially if you’ve been shopping around for CBD for a while. But even with their website that just screams circa-2000 home TV shopping aesthetic, Sol CBD still manages to get their fair share of sales. So what gives?

Sol CBD Review

Google Sol CBD and you’ll find that there are quite a number of sources online that talk about their products. The problem is that many of those websites don’t really provide helpful information since they’re all doing it for the keywords and the web traffic. On the upside, there are reviews posted straight to the Sol CBD website.

But then again, any person could leave a review since the brand lets visitors write and submit feedback without requiring so much as a log in. So again, it seems the best place to find information about Sol would be by looking them up on Reddit.

While you might have been conditioned to think that brands that have the same vibe as Sol CBD shouldn’t get any positive feedback on cut-throat websites like Reddit, the opposite is true for Sol. Interestingly, Redditors seem to find the brand to be a-okay, which says a lot about their overall quality and reliability.


Sol CBD Product Line-Up

There are 13 unique product entries on the Sol CBD website, and most of them are oils. Their best-selling oils include the 4000mg CBD tincture, Pure CBD Tincture in Cinnamint Flavor, and the Pure CBD Tincture in Natural Flavor.

Their Pure CBD blends contain 500mg of CBD and use full-spectrum CO2 extracted CBD to provide a potent range of benefits. Their 4000mg oil comes in a 120mL tincture, accounting for 240 individual servings. Every dose contains 17mg of CBD, providing you a sufficient stash to last for several weeks or months, depending on usage.

Another interesting Sol CBD pick is their Liposomal CBD. Dubbed ‘the fastest acting Liposomal CBD on the market’, their blend is allegedly absorbed 17 times faster than traditional oils and edibles to give you fast acting relief when you need it most. The formula is patent-pending, using the brand’s unique manufacturing process to achieve the blends unique benefits.

For those who might struggle with sleep, the Sol brand offers their own Advanced Sleep Formula with CBD. The blend combines GABA, melatonin, 5-HTP, valerian root, passion flower, and CBD to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and feel refreshed when you wake up.

There are a bunch of other products on their line-up like capsules, pet oils, and skincare products. And while they all might get positive reviews, the only thing that really throws buyers off are the bold claims that the brand tosses around. With medical claims and lots of tall promises, Sol CBD inadvertently dissuades buyers who tend to take extra caution when reading the fine print.

Sol CBD Pricing and Coupon Codes

If there’s one thing that might water down your interest in Sol, it’s their prices. The brand has some pretty expensive items on their list, which means they might not be ideal for buyers working with a limited budget.

Their 500mg oil sells for $65, placing each milligram at $0.13. Their 4000mg oil sells for $327 which is close to double or even triple the price that other oils in the same strength range cost.

On the upside, they do offer a bunch of ways for their buyers to save. For instance, buying two or three of your chosen item earns you a small percentage off. If you subscribe to the brand, you can purchase you products at 10% off of the original price. Of course, free shipping is also part of the deal for buyers who purchase products $85 or more.

If you’re looking to patronize Sol CBD as your go-to for all of your CBD needs, they have a mailing list that regularly sends out discount codes and vouchers. They’re also pretty active on social media, providing buyers with routine updates on sales and their latest drops.


The Verdict on Sol CBD

While their website and branding might need a little revamp, the brand’s products seem to do just fine. Having passed the standards of Redditors, the Sol CBD brand offers potent, effective products that might be worth giving a shot. Of course, the only downside is that you would have to pay more than you usually do. But if you want quality CBD and money is no object, then go ahead and give Sol a try.


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