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Sisters of the Valley CBD Oil Review

Nestled in sunny California, the Sisters of the Valley company combines the healing wonders of hemp with spiritual wellness. According to the founders, this combination of wholesome goodness and positivity are the ultimate solution for whole body healing, which is why aside from their CBD infused products, the brand also offers a selection of spiritual resources that buyers can use to further improve their overall well-being.

Offering a wide spread of products, the Sisters of the Valley brand is run and owned by a group of women who are dedicated to combining their knowledge and experience towards developing wholesome products that highlight the power of Mother Earth. Their selection is extensive and carefully crafted, bringing buyers every CBD product they might need under one cyber roof.


Sisters of the Valley CBD Oil Review


More About Sisters of the Valley

Sisters of the Valley was founded by a group of women who all had their own fair share of experiences throughout their lives. Some women were high flying corporate heads, others were culinary specialists, and others still were young activists. Together, they formed a cooperative dedicated to bringing the medicinal benefits of hemp to the eager consumer base in desperate need of its relief and comfort.

A group of activist women, the Sisters require all members to undergo training and the commission of vows before becoming a member of the clan. Altogether, it’s their goal to guarantee that all of their products are formulated using the highest quality raw ingredients, while using their own specific practices and techniques that incorporate spiritualism into the entire extraction and production process.


The Sisters of the Valley Product Line-Up

The Sisters of the Valley website is home to their entire range of products which they categorize into Oils, Salves, Capsules, Tinctures, Teas, and Soaps. And although every product is lovingly made with premium quality extract, their Oils are their bestselling product to date. Infused with CBD, these formulations are on the milder side of the strength spectrum, offering buyers with low therapeutic thresholds a more reasonable choice for mild to moderate discomfort.

Their mildest oil clocks in at a concentration of just 130mg, while their Double Strenght option maxes out their range at 1000mg. Prices are impressive however, with their most expensive choice costing just $155 for a 2 ounce bottle. That’s up to half the price that you would find through other, luxury or premier brands that offer CBD infused oils of the same strength.

The vast selection of other products on their line-up are also well-worthy of notice. Their topical salve is a favorite for buyers who struggle with physical discomfort and require localized relief. A 900mg tub of the salve costs just $105 for 8 ounces, which can also be a fair price considering the potency and amount that you get.


Sisters of the Valley CBD Oil


The Verdict

Sisters of the Valley offers an impressive selection of products while also incorporating new ideas and concepts into the entire CBD usage experience. On the downside, their Oils can be particularly low in strength, which means that users with much higher therapeutic thresholds might have to take more product in order to achieve the desired benefits. Nonetheless, if you’re just starting out and your tolerance is relatively low, their milder oils might be right up your alley.


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