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Regalabs CBD Oil Review

Established way back in the 80’s, the Regalabs brand is a family-owned operation that’s located in sunny Canton, Georgia. Presently, the company is open to wholesale buyers and distributors who want to use their products as retail items. So although their website does house quite a lot of information on the different formulations and health supplements they offer, the company mostly does business with recognized buyers with the intention of using their products for retail.

Having been in the business for a while, the Regalabs brand is known among small and medium sized businesses as a suitable go-to for budget friendly product supplies. And while they’re definitely not the trendiest in the business, their fair prices and formidable product choices have made them quite popular among budding business owners.


Regalabs CBD Oil Review


More About the Regalabs Brand

Regalabs has been in the business of selling supplements and health products since 1987. Today, they enjoy a wide consumer base, catering to 48 states with their cost-effective yet impressive product formulations. What many buyers particularly appreciate about the Regalabs vendor is that they don’t refuse distributors based on the number of their orders. That said, any small business owner will find that the Regalabs company will cater to their supply needs regardless of how small.

Other than providing their audience with a selection of pre-existing products, Regalabs also accepts requests for custom formulations. This lets brands outsource the manufacturing of their products, allowing greater versatility and distinction in the market without having to actually develop their own labs. But more than that, the Regalabs company also accepts requests for private labeling, designing logos and branding for their clients who want sale-ready products.


The Regalabs Product Selection

Regalabs CBD OilWhile there are quite a number of products on the Regalabs line-up, their bestseller remains to be their hemp oil range. In particular, their Black Cannabis Oil has gotten quite a bit of attention, if not for its intriguing name, then for its interesting combination of ingredients. Blending together CBD and black cumin, Black Cannabis oil has been said to soothe various types of discomfort, especially the kinds that imbue the body.

Regalabs also offers an Organic Cannabis Oil which is essentially CBD oil. Taking their raw materials from trusted farm partners, the raw hemp used for their Organic Cannabis Oil blends are strictly high-CBD. This helps guarantee potency and efficacy across all of their CBD oil formulas. Prices are also particularly impressive, with 4 ounce bottles clocking in at just under $70.

Needless to say, Regalabs offers much more than just their hemp-based oils. With products that incorporate a range of other natural, plant-based ingredients, their selection is almost like a one-stop pharmacy that offers every kind of all-organic health and wellness supplement that you might need.


The Verdict

Sure, the Regalabs brand might seem outdated and lacking in personality. But when it comes down to it, their reasonable prices and impressively intuitive formulations make them well worth the price. On the other hand, since they only cater to distributors and wholesalers, it can be tough to find their products with the Regalabs brand slapped across the bottles.


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