Pure Seven CBD Oil Review

Pure Seven – sometimes simply called 7 – is a brand of CBD products that takes the angle of all-natural raw materials processed through the latest and greatest technologies. Their products are formulated using carefully engineered scientific processes that aim to maximize and amplify the effects of CBD. With that, the brand touts their formulations as the ‘fastest acting’ CBD oil in the market.

The 7 brand claims that their product has the highest bioavailability across any other CBD product you can find. This way, the formulation is absorbed into the body at a faster and more aggressive rate, giving the user more significant benefits in a shorter period of time. But do they live up to expectations?


Pure Seven CBD Oil Review


More About the Pure Seven Brand

Seven is manufactured by the PurHealthRx Technology company that’s dedicated to using science in order to bring the best out of CBD. They use what they call Purzorb technology that works to take an oil-based formula and make it biologically available to the body without having to change its structure along the way. So, when you take the product, it doesn’t take lon gin the gut, and instead passes straight to the blood stream for almost instant effects.

According to the brand, their product is up to seven times more bioavailable than other CBD oils on the market. In effect, a person might take a drop of the 7 formulation and get the same results they would after taking seven drops of a competing product.


The Pure Seven Product Selection

Pure Seven CBD OilKnown best for their CBD oil, the 7 selection is relatively broad considering the offers that other brands deliver. Their oils are available in two varieties – the Silver Full Spectrum CBD Oil and the 7-Day Travel Size CBD Oil. The former is their flagship product, available in two different flavors – cinnamon and wild berry. At a concentration is 750mg, the 30mL bottle retails for $49.95 which is significantly steeper than other oils on the market. Nonetheless, the brand does claim that their oil is far more potent, requiring smaller doses to achieve the desired therapeutic effects.

Their 7-Day Travel Size CBD Oil holds a concentration of 375mg, and comes in a modest 15mL bottle. According to the brand, each bottle contains seven and a half servings of the oil, making it the perfect companion for on-the-go use, or when going on vacations and shorts trips out of town. Other products in their line-up worth mentioning include their CBD shots which are single shot servings of CBD infused energy drink. They also offer topicals like Soothing Sports Cream and CBD Roll-Ons for localized relief.


The Verdict

It’s true – the Pure Seven line-up is up there in terms of price and quality. But for as expensive as their formulations might be, the brand does its part to make sure all of their products exceed their buyers’ standards. Now, if you were hoping to dial back on your dosage without giving up the benefits, then Pure Seven’s products might be for you. Then again, their products might also have you spending more for your CBD essentials, which can be tough to keep up with if you’re working within a budget.


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