Pure CBD Oil Review

CBD Pure is a family-owned operation that focuses on providing its buyers with premium hemp-derived products that do away with any added ingredients. That’s how they get their name. Their range of products includes oils, soft gels, creams, and pet products, giving you a modest yet complete selection to cater to most of your needs as a hemp user.

Their products come from the efforts of experienced professionals in both the health and agricultural industries. Using all natural, ethically farmed hemp, the brand works to provide their buyers with top quality products that aim to highlight the wholesome, natural benefits of hemp without any of the additives and chemicals that other brands use to heighten the experience.


CBD Pure CBD Oil Review


More About the CBD Pure Brand

The CBD Pure brand was founded as a family operation. Their vision was to bring buyers CBD products that do away with all the fancy bells and whistles. They do this by stripping away the additives, ingredients, and other components – whether synthetic or natural – that other brands tend to use.

That said, their process includes extracting the CBD from the hemp plant and combining it with an unprocessed natural hemp oil base. The result if a wholesome, all natural blend that brings buyers as close to the natural plant as possible. Using only organically grown hemp plants, the brand further ensures quality products.


The CBD Pure Product Selection

CBD Pure CBD Oil Their oils come at relatively lower prices compared to others in the market, with a bottle containing 60mL starting at just $29.99. Strengths include 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg, which might not be as extensive as what other brands offer, but may be more than enough for the average hemp user.

Their CBD creams have also gained some popularity among consumers. Their Muscle and Joint formula contains 250mg of full-spectrum extract and works to provide temporary relief versus the typical aches and soreness. The non-greasy formula incorporates methanol and white willow brak to improve its effects on pain and give instant relief.

Intended for buyers who need or want a mega dose of CBD to satisfy their daily needs, the brand’s soft gels deliver 25mg per piece. Each bottle contains 30 gels, infused with full-spectrum hemp extract to bring you wholesome, whole plant benefits contained in an easy package. The soft gels are also especially popular among buyers who prefer getting their dose on the go.

Finally, the brand also offers a tincture for pets. The milder formulation contains 100mg of CBD per bottle, with each serving delivering 1g of full-spectrum extract. This choice can be ideal for pet parents with elderly or ailing pets who need the extra supplementation to overcome pain, discomfort, and other symptoms of disease.

While the selection at the CBD Pure store doesn’t seem too extensive, they make up for it with their impressively low prices. Their products are available at particularly discounted prices compared to many of their peers, making them an ideal choice for buyers who are working within a limited budget.

But to make things even easier for their patrons, the brand makes their products even more attainable by shaving down the prices for bulk orders. Their website lets you choose to purchase products to satisfy your needs for one, three, or six months. For instance, buying a six month supply of the 300mg CBD oil option brings down the price per bottle to just $20.83.


Additional Info on CBD Pure

As if their low prices weren’t enough, the CBD Pure brand makes their products even more enticing by offering all of their buyers an iron-clad 90-day money back guarantee. Buyers who aren’t satisfied with the products or who don’t experience the benefits that they expected can return any of the brand’s products back for a full refund. The guarantee covers all purchases and all products, regardless of whether they’ve been used or not.


The Verdict on CBD Pure

With impressively affordable prices and a reasonable range of products, the CBD Pure brand is one of the most attainable options on the market. But what’s really impressive about the brand is that they offer the most basic formulations, giving buyers truly wholesome, organic options that do away with many of the ingredients that could potentially hamper the effects of hemp.


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