Premium Jane CBD Oil Review

Just one look at the Premium Jane website and you’ll know — these guys mean business. Their ultra polished personality appeals to more aesthetic-conscious consumers who long for Instagram-worthy packaging. But beyond the pretty bottles and labels, Premium Jane boasts impressive product formulations that come from the same source as other well-known CBD entities.

Premium Jane’s extensive selection covers all the bases, giving you options for all the different aspects of your daily life that might need a little bit of CBD. But despite their ultra professional operations, it seems that Premium Jane might get a little sloppy when it comes to dealing with support concerns.


Premium Jane CBD Oil


Premium Jane CBD Oil Review

Using Trustpilot to verify all of the reviews left behind on their website, you can rest assured that all the feedback available on the Premium Jane website is nothing but the whole truth. Most of their products — especially under the oils category — tout hundreds of verified, buyer-generated feedback that provides onlookers a wealth of information to make a confident consumer choice.

But then again, there’s a world of resources out there that might place Premium Jane under a completely different light. Reddit is teeming with information about the brand, and multiple Redditors have the same thing to complain about — customer support.

While the brand is responsive to consumer questions and concerns, they’re not exactly the friendliest guys on the block. Responses are often described as cold and robotic. And to make matters worse, it seems their products often take weeks before they arrive at their destination.


Premium Jane Product Line-Up

Although their oils might get a lot of good publicity, one internet super-sleuth on Reddit managed to unearth that Premium Jane shares the same supplier with PureKana. That means that the oils that Premium Jane sells are pretty much the same with what PureKana offers.

Their range of flavored oils includes:

All of these different flavors are also available in varying strengths, with the lowest potency at 300mg and the strongest at 1000mg. Aside from their oils, Premium Jane’s selection of capsules has also earned quite the reputation online.

Their capsules come in two strengths: 40mg and 25mg per capsule, offering buyers a more convenient, travel-friendly way to get their CBD fix. Those who believe in the skin benefits of CBD can also try the brand’s range of topicals including salves, rejuvenation creams, night creams, facial cleansers, and facial scrubs.

Then finally, there are the edibles. Some buyers assert that Premium Jane’s gummies are some of the best tasting ones on the market. They offer the pick in assorted, strawberry, or lime flavors.


Premium Jane Pricing and Coupon Codes

Since Premium Jane gets its oils from the same supplier as PureKana, it’s really not too surprising that buyers find it fit to compare the brands’ prices. Overall, Premium Jane takes the cake as the cheaper alternative. Their 1000mg oils cost just $124 versus PureKana’s $139 for the same strength and volume.

But even if they’re cheaper, doesn’t really mean they’re ‘cheap’. After all, they weren’t called Premium Jane for nothing. That said, you should expect to pay above the average price for their products.

On the upside, Premium Jane offers free delivery for all orders no matter how much or how little you’re buying. And because they’re prominent on their socials, you can expect to get regular updates on their sales, discounts, and promotional offers by following them on Instagram or liking them on Facebook.

The only apparent drawback considering the size of the Premium Jane operation is that they don’t have a rewards program. You would expect a brand of such prominence to at least have some sort of loyalty system in place. Without so much as a newsletter sign up, Premium Jane creates a major downside for penny-pinching CBD users.


Premium Jane CBD Oil Review


The Verdict on Premium Jane

Are they the best vendor out there? Probably not. But should you give them a try anyway? Probably yes. The thing about Premium Jane is that despite their lapses with rewards, discounts, and customer support, they deliver effective product — full stop.

Their range of CBD oils and more offer strong effects that make them well worth the money. So if you’re not big on customer support and you don’t really care about loyalty programs, then Premium Jane might be able to quench your thirst for premier CBD that doesn’t disappoint.


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