Onnit CBD Oil Review

Many studies have linked CBD with fitness, especially its benefits in terms of optimizing your active performance. With that, the Onnit brand plans to use hemp as a means for people to get the most gains out of every effort. With emphasis on achieving holistic health in mind, body, and spirit, the Onnit company aims to provide people with the right products to help them become their best selves.

Their range of products focuses on fitness, some of which incorporate hemp to max out the benefits. And while most of their products are completely CBD and hemp free, their focus remains the same – to help their buyers achieve total human optimization.


Onnit CBD Oil Review


More About the Onnit Brand

Onnit was founded in Austin, Texas where much of the brand’s operations occur. Their main objective is to provide their buyers with products that help improve wellness in support of physical performance. The basic idea is that an improvement in any area of your life will result to improvement overall, while anything that draws you back in one area will draw you back holistically.

With this in mind, the brand aims to optimize the nutritional aspect of a person’s life by the use of earth grown supplements. Their range of products uses natural raw ingredients that are processed to preserve their benefits in forms that are easier and more convenient to incorporate into everyday life. Thus, the brand offers everything from supplements, to powders, to coffees, teas, and superfoods that their buyers can easily enjoy to support their fitness.


The Onnit Product Line-Up

Onnit CBD OilOnnit’s selection is pretty broad, offering everything from food, to supplements, to workout equipment and more. In terms of hemp-derived products, they don’t really offer too many. For the most part, only their Total Hemp supplement overtly states hemp as an ingredient. The Total Hemp formulation is a broad-spectrum extract that does away with THC. Intended for wellness support, the product is also processed in a way that allows enhanced bioavailability.

This simply means that whenever you take a dose, your body absorbs a larger amount of the available CBD for more potent effects. According to the brand, the Onnie Total Hemp supplement can help with stress relief, joint health, memory, and cognition. Some users claim that the Total Hemp supplement can be a suitable choice for resolving body aches at the end of a workout, or for zoning in before you begin.

Other products in their line-up include plant-based proteins, snacks, power foods, MCT oils, immune boosters, and coffee and tea blends. All of these products use the same all-natural chemistry that their Total Hemp product does, ensuring the highest quality and bioavailability for maximum gains.


The Verdict

The Onnit selection can feel a lot like a dream-come-true for the dedicated fitness buff. With a complete selection of performance essentials, the Onnit brand makes the entire process of adapting a healthy, active lifestyle seem alluring. Even then, their selection of hemp-based products might seem pretty scarce. If you were hoping for more CBD and hemp-derived formulations, the Onnit brand can only really offer the Total Hemp supplement.


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