Nature’s Best CBD Oil Review

One of the reasons why people continue to gravitate towards CBD is because it’s natural. With all of the side effects, adverse reactions, and potential dangers of using synthetic medications long-term, people are becoming more and more open to the idea of taking alternatives that provide the same benefits without all the risks.

That’s also probably one of the reasons why Nature’s Best CBD has become so popular. Tackling the CBD market from the all-natural angle, the Nature’s Best brand offers a wealth of products that use pure, unadulterated CBD chemistry with all the paperwork to prove it.


Nature’s Best CBD Oil


Nature’s Best CBD Review

While it is true that there aren’t a lot of reviews on the Nature’s Best website, you can rest assured that they’re legitimate. The brand only allows buyers who are logged into the website, and who have completed a transaction to leave reviews for the products on their site.

In general, their products get five star ratings across the board, with buyers claiming that the formulations deliver exactly the results they expected. But if you want to get a little extra information on the quality of Nature’s Best’s products, then you might want to head down to Reddit.

Although reviews about Nature’s Best products are relatively scant, the ones in existence do point to the same conclusion. Buyers are mostly satisfied with the brand’s products, with many of them being long-term patrons of the brand.


Nature’s Best CBD Product Line-Up

Nature’s Best really tries to cater to all sorts of buyers with their extensive range of products. Their categories include daily supplements, tinctures, skincare, pet products, lip balms, and hand sanitizers, so you can get everything you need through their online store.

Their tinctures come in a variety of flavors and are available in either 1oz or 2oz bottles. Flavors for their blends include strawberry, orange, cinnamon, peppermint, vanilla, and natural. The full-spectrum, extra-virgin, CBD oil uses all natural flavors and extracts, touting chemistry that’s drawn from organically grown hemp.

The only downside however is that Nature’s Best doesn’t really disclose the strength of their oils on the site. What they do indicate however is that a 2oz bottle contains 400 servings, and each serving provides 100mg of of CBD. If you try to do the math with those numbers, the CBD content should be around 40,000mg which is impossible.

That said, there’s obviously a typo somewhere in there. Unfortunately, all of the pages for their oils provide the same numbers, so there’s really no way to tell what the situation really is. It’s more likely however that each drop contains 10mg of CBD, coming to 4,000mg for the whole 2oz bottle or 2000mg for the 1oz.

The Nature’s Best CBD Pain Cream is yet another popular pick from their website. The proprietary blend combines CBD with camphor menthol to help reduce muscle aches, soreness, and inflammation caused by injury or physical activity. The blend provides instant, cooling comfort thanks to its menthol ingredient.

If you’ve got issues with foot health, then the Nature’s Best Foot Cure might be for you. The unique product uses nothing but pure cannabis oil and CBD to help improve foot health and appearance. The product was developed to help soothe dry, flaky skin, and accelerate healing for minor foot injuries.


Nature’s Best CBD Pricing and Coupon Codes

Assuming that their oils contain the amount of CBD we calculated, then their products are pretty cheap. If their tinctures contain 2000mg of CBD for every 30mL, then their price of $69 for 1oz or $89 for 2oz can be considered industry lows. Compared to other CBD creams, their Pain Cream also comes out much cheaper at just $69 for a 4oz tub.

Aside from their low prices, Nature’s Best also draws in buyers with their free shipping offer. All orders are eligible for free shipping regardless of the amount of product you’re getting. For coupon codes, discount vouchers, and promotional offers, the brand is relatively active on their socials where they keep buyers posted on their latest updates.

Other than that however, the brand doesn’t offer much else to help you save. And while you might find a few websites offering Nature’s Best samples or subscriptions, it’s important to note that the brand itself has posted their fair share of warnings regarding these scams.


Nature’s Best CBD Oil Review


The Verdict on Nature’s Best CBD

Their all-natural allure can definitely draw in buyers who want pure, unadulterated product. But while their oils might come in a bunch of enticing flavors, the strange numbers posted on their website leave a lot of questions regarding the strength of their blends.

Nonetheless, if you want affordable product that uses nothing but all-natural CBD minus all those nasty additives, then Nature’s Best might be for you. Just make sure you write to them and ask about their numbers to make sure you’re taking the right dose for your needs.


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