LuZa CBD Oil Review

LuZa is a small, family-run business that delivers a selection of CBD products for children and adults. The couple behind the brand have experience in the medical field, and have used their knowledge towards the development of their product range that benefits mostly younger users. While they never intended to target children, many parents, grandparents, guardians, and caregivers have found their product to be particularly beneficial for youngsters.

While the brand’s identity and marketing aren’t what you would call stellar, they do draw in their customers with formulations that are carefully and meticulously developed. But more than that, their fair prices have also played a role in their popularity by bringing buyers cost-effective oils within reasonable costs.


LuZa CBD Oil Review


More About LuZa

LuZa is the range of CBD products sold through the Untamed manufacturer. The line-up was developed by a husband and wife duo that wanted to provide their buyers with whole-plant wellness. All of their products are cultivated from carefully selected hemp plants that they source from partner farmers that meet their specific standards for sustainable and ethical farming.

If there’s anything that pulls the LuZa’s reputation slightly down, it’s the lack of seamless branding. The website for the product itself might be a little messy, dampening the overall appeal that it would otherwise have. Fortunately, however, the e-commerce website under the Untamed company is slightly more appealing, especially for buyers who are particular about the identity of their chosen brand.


The LuZa Product Line-Up

LuZa CBD Oil The LuZa brand categorizes their formulations based on the kind of benefits that they offer. Their oils come in varieties like Enhanced Healthy Immune, Enhanced Well-Being, Enhanced Healthy Cell, and Enhanced Healthy Brain and CNS. These blends are specifically developed to target various aspects of well-being and healthy by incorporating other organic oils into the mix. Every formula contains CBD, CBDa, CBN, CBG, and a variety of terpenes that enhance the entourage effect.

But other than that, these oils also incorporate ingredients like turmeric, black pepper, and copaiba oil. They achieve different effects by using different ratios of the cannabinoids they contain, which are all carefully calculated and by the experts behind the brand. Other than their Enhanced Health series, LuZa also offers Full Spectrum+ oil, CBG isolate, CBN isolate, Broad Spectrum oil, and CBG + CBN formulas.

Finally, the LuZa brand also offers a selection of topicals and edibles for both humans and pets. What really stands out would be their Pet Peanut Butter that makes it easier for pet parents to give their pup a dose of hemp-derived CBD without the stress.


The Verdict

The LuZa selection can offer an interesting perspective on what hemp-derived chemistry can do. Leveraging the benefits of a range of cannabinoids, the LuZa brand delivers formulations that explore more than just CBD. But then again, the lack of a solid, seamless identity can make it tough for some buyers to trust what they see. With an improved website, the LuZa brand might be able to entice more buyers than it already does.


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