CBD Living CBD Oil Review

Founded in 2013, CBD Living has been around for almost a decade, offering hemp-derived products way before the Farm Bill was passed. This company focuses on making CBD accessible to everyone through products that everyone can adapt and get used to. That’s why they have such an extensive selection of formulations that explore the different forms that hemp can take.

Through strict extraction and manufacturing procedures, the CBD Living brand manages to offer up formulations that are designed for rapid absorption. In effect, their offers manifest effects and benefits much faster so you can experience relief without having to wait too long.


CBD Living CBD Oil Review


More About CBD Living

Having been around for seven years, CBD Living has become one of the more experienced manufacturers in the hemp market. And by spending so much time working with the product, the brand has managed to come up with new ways to improve the user experience and make their extracts more satisfying and enjoyable than the traditional formulation.

Their process involves breaking down the particle size of CBD so that it becomes water soluble. This way, they can do away with thick carrier oils like MCT so the body can more rapidly absorb the hemp chemistry. The result is faster acting products that are available in a range of options including CBD infused water.


The CBD Living Product Selection

CBD Living CBD OilAlthough CBD Living uses technology that lets them infuse water with the extract, they still carry the traditional oils to cater to users who prefer the option. Their oil tinctures come in varying strengths, but they push the envelope with their maximum potency clocking in 10,000mg per bottle. This ultra strong option provides a megadose of CBD for those who have higher tolerances or those who need pronounced effects.

Other than their basic blend, the oil is also available in a Pumpkin Spice Latte flavor. However it’s worth noting that the flavored option only comes in four strengths, as opposed to the unflavored blend that can be purchased in 10 different potency grades. Another important detail about their blend is that they aren’t full spectrum formulations, doing away with the THC completely.

Aside from their typical tinctures, CBD Living has what they call a Travel Spray Tincture which is basically 100mg of CBD contained in a 15mL bottle. The choice delivers the oil through a pump action spray for easy use on-the-go. Designed for travel and for beginners, this oil makes dosing simple and effortless with its convenient spray mechanism.

Some other products on the CBD Living line that are worth mentioning include their bottled and sparkling waters. Each can of sparkling water is infused with CBD, offering nine different strengths to cater to your needs. Flavors include Apple Ginger, Strawberry Lavender, Peach Honey, and Orange Grapefruit. Each can contains 25mg of CBD for a reasonable daily dose in a fun and easy form.

Although the brand has all of the other common inclusions in their line-up such as pet products, topicals, gummies, capsules, and more, their shatter can be especially enticing. Used for dabbing, this product provides fast acting relief through one of the most potent methods for CBD use. Their option uses the Orange Cookies strain to bring a refreshing, citrusy taste and aroma for a much more pleasant experience.


Additional Info on CBD Living

For budding hemp business owners, the CBD Living brand has a number of programs that can help you earn a buck off of their products. Aside from their affiliate program, the company also has a wholesale program and a dropship program.

On the other hand, buyers hoping to get discounts and price cuts can join the company’s rewards program. Points are granted based on interactions and transactions, and can be used towards future purchases. There’s also a subscription program that brings fresh CBD products to your doorstep each month for a reduced upfront cost.


The Verdict on CBD Living

Having been around for quite some time, it comes as no surprise how CBD Living managed to develop brand new ways to serve CBD. Their beverages are a fun new method for CBD use, allowing more and more people to enjoy and understand the product’s benefits. And for traditional buyers looking for a new oil to try, their ultra potent formulations can help you reach your therapeutic threshold without more than a drop.


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