Koi CBD Oil Review

With the FDA breathing down heavily on the neck of the CBD market, vendors and buyers are careful to make a move that could potentially endanger the future of hemp legality. Sure, hemp is ‘legal’, to a certain extent. But because there isn’t sufficient research to qualify its benefits as a health supplement, the FDA is keeping a close eye on brands that market their products for their health benefits.

And that’s why Koi CBD has earned such a bad rap. Is there anything actually wrong with their products? Well, not exactly. But their bold claims and sketchy marketing strategies have landed them on the FDA watchlist, which has obviously also taken a toll on their reputation.


Koi CBD Review

Koi CBD has been around since 2015, and according to their website, they ‘set the CBD quality standard.’ All of their products are formulated from USA-grown hemp which are then sent to third party labs to get tested for purity, potency, and safety.

Their website is home to quite a lot of reviews that are posted straight to each product page. But since anyone can leave feedback without even having to log into their system, it’s tough to say whether the reviews you’ll read on site actually come from verified buyers.

So if you’re like any careful CBD buyer, you might find yourself hunting for more reputable reviews online. The only downside is that when you do try to look up the Koi CBD name, you’re likely to find a bunch of articles about how they had a run in with the FDA some time back.

The reason for it was because of a major gaffe in their labeling. The brand’s products were labeled in such a way that they seemed like a health supplement, which is of course, illegal since CBD and hemp derivatives aren’t approved by the FDA.

The brand has since replaced their labels and cleaned up their website to get rid of any traces of the bold claims. But even then, the damage had been done. Most buyers don’t like dealing with brands that harm CBD’s reputation, especially when it comes to the FDA. So Koi has been trying to recuperate since then.


Koi CBD Product Line-Up

There are a lot of products on the Koi CBD line-up. And while most of them get hundreds of reviews on the site, their oils stand out as their most popular pick. They have a bunch of blends available, varying in both strength and flavor. These include:

Strengths range from 250mg to 3000mg, but increments are oddly set. That means buyers who prefer 1000mg oils might have to double dose the 500mg option since the brand only carries 250mg, 500mg, 2000mg, and 3000mg oils.

Their CBD Extract Shots are also a popular choice on their selection. Each 2.5 ounce bottle contains 25mg of CBD to give you substantial dose in one go. Flavors are available in watermelon or raspberry punch, but as with an other extract shot, they’re not exactly cheap.

CBD Inhalers are also pretty big on the Koi CBD line. Their Hemp Extract Inhaler delivers 5mg of broad spectrum CBD per inhale, making it easier to get a quick dose whenever and wherever you are. The unique method of delivery also makes it particularly ideal for people who use CBD for its potential respiratory effects.

And while there are a bunch of other products on their website — like skincare creams, bathbombs, pet products, and edibles — you really can’t talk about Koi without mentioning their vaping essentials and hemp flower. The brand offers a range of vape necessities like disposable vape bars and vape juices, as well as raw hemp flowe rin the form of pre-rolls or bud.

Koi CBD Pricing and Coupon Codes

Despite all the negative publicity that Koi CBD gets, they still maintain a strong presence online because of their prices. The brand touts some of the most affordable CBD oils around, making them an easy favorite for penny pinching CBD users.

Their 250mg oil sells for as low as $29.99, 500mg for $49.99, 1000mg for $79.99, and 2000mg for $139.99. But if those prices just aren’t cheap enough for you, they have a bunch of ways to help you save up on your purchase.

As with most other brands, they have a subscription deal that shaves off 10% off of your purchase. They also have a rewards program and a veteran program so you can max out the discounts and get your products at much less. For bargain hunters, the brand has a mailing list you can subscribe to to get routine updates on their sales and promotions.

Another plus is that they honor refunds, so you can get your money back as long as there’s 50% of the product left. The option is available for 30 days after you make a purchase, minimizing the risk of making a purchase from the brand for the first time.


The Verdict on Koi CBD

Maybe they’ve gotten some bad cred over the past few years for irresponsible marketing, but Koi CBD is learning from its mistakes, and their products turn out to be well worth the money. Their wholesome formulations and fair prices make them an excellent choice for the budget-conscious. And because they provide a bunch of ways to save, you might be able to snag your CBD at the lowest prices you’ll find online.

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