Kannaway CBD Oil Review

With the goal of providing their buyers with CBD products that are as close to nature and as safe as possible, the Kannaway company dedicates itself to the meticulous processes that go on behind each one of their products. Using nothing but wholesome, whole hemp plants sourced from carefully handpicked farming partners, the brand maintains the quality of their products through rigorous tests and quality control measures that seek to bring out the best of hemp.

Limited additives and synthetic ingredients go into their products with the hope of ensuring the premier quality of their formulations. And with an extensive selection of choices that are geared towards providing buyers with wellness and relief that’s as close to nature as possible, the Kannaway brand seals itself as one of the top names in the CBD market today.


Kannaway CBD Oil Review


More About the Kannaway Brand

The Kannaway brand is among the best established names in the modern day CBD market. Having won various awards throughout the years, the company is dedicated to their commitment to developing top-tier products that are formulated with the intention of improving their buyers’ quality of life. They do this by maintaining strict protocols in their labs and by performing rigorous tests on their formulations prior to making them available to the public.

Some of the things that set the Kannaway brand apart from their competitors is their triple lab testing practice. Putting their products through numerous lab tests for quality and compliance, each bottle that makes its way to their shelves are heavily scrutinized to fall within very specific standards. GMO-free, pesticide-free, herbicide-free, and 100% approved by the US Hemp Authority, the products from the Kannaway brand are some of the most heavily decorated in the industry.


The Kannaway Selection

Kannaway CBD OilThe Kannaway products extend to much more than just CBD, but their flagship product is their Pure Gold CBD Oil. Retailing at $35.99 per 30mL bottle, the Pure Gold oil offers 250mg of CBD or 8mg per dose. Mixed together with a naturally sourced coconut oil, the formulation was intended to speed up absorption to help you experience the benefits of CBD faster after the dose.

They also have a variety of other oils in their line-up, including what they call the Pure CBD Liquid Topical which comes is a specific oil formulation that’s intended for skin application. Their Premium Hemp Oil Liquid is another best-seller that offers a 1500mg concentration of pure CBD oil. And then finally, there’s the Rev!ve AM formula which combines CBD oil, vitamin D3, and bibong herbal blend to give you a daytime solution to help you hustle through your mornings.

There are a range of other products on the Kannaway selection including nutrition, skin care, and pet products. All of which are infused with the power of CBD to bring you a complete product range that caters to your needs under a single, easy, online shop.


The Verdict

While Kannaway’s products might seem a little more expensive than the usual, they make up for it with quality. Their formulations are some of the most reliable in the business, offering suitable and satisfying results that have a right to their prices. On the other hand, if you’re a budget-conscious buyer who needs CBD on a regular basis, the heightened prices might make the Kannaway brand a little impractical for the long haul.


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