JustCBD Oil Review

Sometimes, you can’t really tell everything about a CBD brand based on their looks alone. Take JustCBD for example — a clean website, trendy packaging, and impressive copy that can draw in even the most seasoned CBD users. But lo, there seems to be a lot more about the brand that what they’re willing to show.

With reviews that tug between the ends of the feedback spectrum, the JustCBD brand’s patronage is split right down the middle. While some buyers are highly opposed to their products and the company in general, there are others who have purchased the brand’s products for years with no fuss. So what gives?


JustCBD Oil


JustCBD Review

JustCBD is relatively popular online, not so much because of their product quality as they are for the fact that they sell their products through most CBD head shops. The brand has been known to wholesale their stuff to distributors and resellers, so they’ve got quite the presence in local stores.

That’s also the reason why lots of CBD buyers have tried their products at least once or twice. And with a number of previous buyers under their belt, there comes a wealth of online reviews. If you’re out here doing your research about JustCBD however, the sheer density of feedback might not actually work in your favor.

The market seems to be split right down the middle in terms of what they truly think about JustCBD. While there might be a fraction of buyers who have patronized the brand for years, there are others with interesting information that might completely change your perspectives on JustCBD.

According to some sources, the brand has been called out for false advertising. Lab results have found that their products don’t actually contain the ingredients listed on the packaging, and some reports also claim that JustCBD has been known to lace their products with phenibut — an anxiolytic known to cause seizures in some people.

The brand has gotten into legal trouble for the dangerous added ingredient. But after the issue was settled and their products reformulated, they were allowed to resume operations. Nonetheless, if they were willing to do that much in the past, there’s really no telling what other tricks might be up their sleeves.


JustCBD Product Line-Up

To be able to cater to the vast number of buyers out there with varying tastes, preferences, and needs, JustCBD provides customers with a wide selection of products. Their oils come in one of the widest strength ranges, with their mildest blend starting at just 50mg.

Other strengths include 100mg, 250mg, 550mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg. If you’re interested in a brand new CBD oil experience, they also carry a bunch of oil blends that incorporate different natural ingredients and extracts. Some choices include CBD and coconut oil, CBD honey liquid, as well as CBD hemp seed oil.

Besides their oil, JustCBD also gets a lot of recognition for their line of gummies. Unlike other brands that do basic gummies in sweet and sour varieties, JustCBD goes the extra mile to bring buyers a wide selection of gummy candy choices. They offer gummy worms, bears, peach rings, and ribbons in an assortment of fruity flavors.

But the edibles don’t end there. More adventurous buyers might want to try the JustCBD CBD-infused chocolate bars. Of course, they’re not going to give you the same strong effects and experience as oils and capsules, but if you just want to take in as much CBD as you can, then their bars might be worth a shot.

And of course, since they do business with head shops, the JustCBD brand also offers vaping essentials like CBD cartridges in a variety of flavors. But if you’re not into vaping, then their limited line of CBD pre-rolls might be up your alley. Strain availability tends to vary, so you can’t really expect them to have such a wide variety of hemp flower strains at one time.


JustCBD Pricing and Coupons

Considering that they’re not exactly a premium CBD brand, JustCBD’s prices fall right within the limits for a brand of its caliber. If you’re slightly more cautious however, their prices might seem a little too steep especially when you consider the legal issues and the false advertising.

On the upside, JustCBD’s popularity also means that they’ve got quite a lot of voucher codes and discount coupons online. Their newsletter also makes a great source of price cuts since they regularly update their mailing list members with their latest promotional offers, sales, and product drops.

Lastly, JustCBD is relatively active through their socials, with several thousand likes on their Facebook page. So if you find that you’re frequently on the platform, giving them a like should keep you posted on their updates, price cuts, and other offers.


JustCBD Oil Review


The Verdict on JustCBD

At a glance, JustCBD might seem like your usual mid-priced brand. But with their history of false advertising and of mixing in potentially dangerous ingredients into their products, most buyers might feel wary of making a purchase.

Even then, the brand seems to enjoy relative popularity, with a bunch of patrons supporting the brand and their product for years without issues. That said, if you were hoping to give their selection and a try and you don’t really mind the alleged legal issues, then JustCBD might be able to provide you interesting CBD products that fall right within budget.


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