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Jayden’s Juice CBD Oil Review

Tackling the CBD market from the angle of health and wellness, the Jayden’s Juice brand was born from the personal family hardships that its founder experienced. Throughout the years, the brand has evolved to cater to thousands of individuals who use CBD for a variety of conditions that it has allegedly helped to address. Presently, the brand offers four different oil varieties, all of which are targeted at assisting in the improvement of their buyers’ quality of life.

Marketed as an all-around wellness solution for the entire family, Jayden’s Juice offers wholesome formulations that are made with the highest of standards in CBD oil manufacturing. Vegan, hemp-free, and pesticide-free, their products are developed with the intention of providing both quality and safety to their thousands of patrons.


Jayden’s Juice CBD Oil Review


About the Jayden’s Juice Brand

Jayden’s Juice was founded after its owners’ personal struggle involving his son’s rare medical condition. Diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome at the age of 4 months, Jason David’s son Jayden was anticipated to survive only until his 5th birthday. Unable to accept his child’s bleak future, Jason looked to cannabis to improve his son’s odds of survival. After consulting with his son’s doctor, Jason was given the go signal to try cannabis as an alternative treatment to address the hundreds of seizures his son would have in a day.

Using the oil made a positive impact on Jayden’s quality of life, and as of writing, the boy is 12 years old. This inspiring story led Jason David to develop his own line of therapeutic cannabis oils in order to provide other families with a means to improve their health. With emphasis on quality and potency, their range of oils comes from the highest grade cannabis plants to guarantee satisfying results.


The Jayden’s Juice Product Line Up

Jayden’s Juice CBD OilMost CBD oils on the market come from hemp, but Jayden’s Juice uses high quality cannabis to produce their line-up. With the belief that cannabis has a more potent chemistry, the brand guarantees more significant, more palpable results through their high grade raw ingredient. That said, all of Jayden’s Juice formulations are tagged hemp-free, using full spectrum cannabis as its core source.

The brand offers oils in four different formulations namely Freedom, Solace, Unwind, and Balance. The Freedom oil is their flagship product, offering whole flower CBD chemistry. The Solace formulation is their pure THC formulation that’s intended strictly for medicinal use. THCA is the main ingredients for their Unwind formula, while Balance combines both THC and CBD in a single blend.

Needless to say, with such precise chemistry and careful cannabis selection going into their products, the Jayden’s Juice brand does have the leverage to price their wares at significantly higher costs. Their 15mL bottles start at $50, while their 60mL offers start at $180. they also offer 1mL full spectrum oils at $40 a piece.


The Verdict

The premium quality Jayden’s Juice brand offers the basics, but sets itself apart by way of their high-grade formulation specifics. Of course, their products will cost significantly more than the average oil, but what you get in return is a premium quality formulation that’s intended specifically for medicinal use.


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