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Hempire Direct CBD Oil Review

We all love a responsible CBD brand. With the FDA constantly keeping an eye on every move within the CBD market, it’s important that we patronize brands who tow the line to protect the future of CBD legality. That’s why CBD buyers consider more than just product quality when making a purchase.

From their website alone, it’s already easy to tell that there’s just something off about the Hempire Direct brand. Fortunately, you don’t really have to do too much digging to find out what they’re all about. With loads of information about the man behind the brand, you might want to distance yourself from Hempire Direct whenever possible.


Hempire Direct Reivew

Hempire Direct has one of the most extensive product selections on the market. The brand claims that they sell the highest quality, premium CBD alongside equally powerful raw hemp flower choices. And although their selection might draw in a buyer or two, there’s a lot more to them than just their storefront.

According to reviews online, the problem with Hempire Direct isn’t really their products — it’s the owner. Going by a number of aliases, the brand’s owner has been found to be both rude and uncaring, going as far as throwing around threats when buyers so much as make complaints about their products.

Based on various Reddit threads, it seems the guy behind the brand is really more interested in making and taking his cut than providing buyers a quality experience. Unfortunately, that doesn’t rub well with a lot of consumers who want to establish a relationship with their chosen brand.

All in all, their products might not be the worst. But if you ever find yourself having any problems with their CBD, then you can’t really depend on the owner or his staff to give two shakes about your sorry plight.


Hempire Direct Product Line-Up

So, what can you find on Hempire Direct’s selection? Well, a lot of stuff. If you’re interested in their oils, they sell both broad and full spectrum formulations in a number of strengths including 500mg, 1000mg, 3000mg, 5000mg, and a whopping 10000mg blend.

They also sell a bunch of raw hemp flower strains like Bubba Truckstop, Cherry Limeade, Cherry Wine, Grape Ape, Headband, and Lifter. Aside from that, their range of delta-8 products are also pretty popular, providing buyers with a dose of cannabinoid chemistry that’s been shown to provide a number of benefits similar to CBD.

Other than that, they carry all of the staples you would expect from a CBD brand. They have edibles, merchandise, vape cartridges, softgels, crystals, distillates, and more. Interestingly, they also carry some pretty weird items like bottled Pepsi and lighters.

If you’re wondering about quality, no one has anything really negative to say about their products. Heck, even Redditors admit that their stuff is okay. That’s because they get their supply from CBD Hemp Direct which has been known to provide sellers with quality product.

The only real issue with Hempire Direct is that you can never be sure whether they’ll truly be interested in protecting your rights as a buyer. That said, if you want to try their product and don’t mind getting the door shut in your face when you try to raise a concern, then you shouldn’t have trouble dealing with the brand.


Hempire Direct Pricing and Coupon Codes

Their product is dirt cheap — another reason why buyers continue to patronize them despite their poor customer service and their terrible owner. The brand’s prices are some of the cheapest you’ll find, offering their oils at just the fraction of the cost that other sellers slap on their tinctures.

Their 500mg oil sells for just $29.99, but they sometimes sell for as low as $14.99 when they’re on sale. If you’re looking to cop something a little stronger, they sell 1000mg tinctures for as low as $19.99 during sale season, and their 10000mg broad spectrum oil for just $79.99 regular price. Now that’s a pretty sweet deal.

If you plan to buy a whole bunch of products, the brand offers free priority shipping on purchases reaching or exceeding $200. They also have a military discount as well as a first time purchase discount for those who sign up to their SMS updates. The coupon gives 20% off on your first order to draw in buyers who might be on the fence.


The Verdict on Hempire Direct

Sure, their products aren’t horrible. But do you really want to support a brand that’s operated by a guy who doesn’t really give a crud about your wellfare or your best interest? Probably not.

Hempire Direct’s wide selection, low prices, and quality product might be reason enough for some people to dive into a purchase. But if you’re looking for a brand you can grow with, you might want to consider looking for a company that’s more invested in establishing a relationship with their buyers.


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