Green Roads CBD Oil Review

Anyone visiting the Green Roads website will be aptly impressed with all the different badges and awards proudly posted on their home page. With their products advertised as being ‘formulated by pharmacists’, Green Roads’ brand identity exudes an air of professionalism and sophistication.

Because they are quite prominent, there’s a lot of talk online about Green Roads. With their extensive selection, their impressive list of awards, and their ultra polished persona, it comes as no surprise that Green Roads seems to magnitize its buyers. But are they really worth the shot?


Green Roads CBD Oil


Green Roads Review

The Green Roads website uses Yotpo to verify that all of their reviews only come from verified buyers. But unlike many other vendors, Green Roads takes the quality and reliability of feedback up a notch by instructing buyers to leave out medical claims, which is definitely helpful if you’re looking for truthful reviews.

Aside from the many thousands of reviews on their website, Green Roads also has quite the presence on forums like Reddit. There are a bunch of threads about the brand, but not enough about the quality of their products.

What you will read on Reddit though are discussions about Green Roads’ lab reports, and how the claims they make on their website might not be reflected in their posted analyses. For instance, the brand states that their oils are enriched with various natural terpenes, but one Redditor alleged that their reports don’t reflect such enhancement.


Green Roads Product Line-Up

To say that Green Roads sells a ‘lot of products’ would be a gross understatement. Their categories extend way beyond the typical thoroughfare, offering oils, topcials, edibles, capsules and softgels, pet products, coffee, and an interesting range of items they call their ‘indulgence line.’

Needless to say, Green Roads gets most of its patronage because of their selection of oils. They have three main blends, namely their Full Spectrum Oil, Broad Spectrum Oil, and their Sweet Sleep Oil. Broad spectrum blends are available in different flavors including apple kiwi and mint breeze.

Their Sweet Sleep Oil is a broad spectrum formula that combines CBN, CBD, and melatonin to help cradle you off into dreamland. All of their oils come in varying strengths, with 300mg being the mildest. Their strongest oil rests at a height of 1500mg.

While their oils prove to be their main squeeze, Green Roads’ topicals are equally noteworthy. Their best-sellers include their Muscle and Joint Relief Cream that provides prompt comfort versus common aches and pains. They also have a range of cooling and heating roll-ons that provide instant relief versus discomfort.

In the capsules department, Green Roads’ premium choice would have to be their CBD Sleep Capsules. This convenient pick delivers a blend of broad spectrum CBD combined with CBN and melatonin to serve you quick and easy sleep support.

For bath and skin care junkies, the brand offers what they call an indulgence line that includes bath bombs and relaxing roll-ons. These products combine CBD with a variety of other essential oils to bring you a relaxing experience that enchants the senses.


Green Roads Pricing and Coupon Codes

Despite their popularity and obvious high-quality, Green Roads isn’t particularly overpriced. Their oils can go for as low as $44.99 for a 30mL bottle of their Full Spectrum blend at 300mg. Their most potent oil sells for $149 for 30mL of 1500mg Full Spectrum oil.

Of course, these prices aren’t exactly cheap. But even then, they’re not as exorbitant as many of the other brands that sell with the same kind of premier reputation. On top of that, Green Roads has a number of promotions in place to help buyers shave down their grand total.

Their Rewards Program lets you earn points for all of your transactions, which you can then use to get discounts on future orders. They also have a Referral Program, offering $20 store credit to buyers who successfully refer a friend to complete an order. Referred friends get 25% off on their first purchase.

But that’s not all Green Roads has to offer. Their products are available at discounted prices to veterans and first responders. Just fill in their form and send in some ID to get 50% off on your orders.


Green Roads CBD Oil Review


The Verdict on Green Roads

Although there might have been some talk about Green Roads and the reliability of their lab reports, the brand comes out strong with award after award to prove their legitimacy. This decorated vendor enjoys a lofty seat on the CBD market, offering their premium oils at prices that don’t push the envelope too far.

Their extensive product selection, powerful blends, and their various promotional and discount offers make Green Roads a brand worthy of revisiting. So if you were looking for your next CBD go-to, you might want to check out what Green Roads has to offer.


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