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FAB CBD Oil Review

Dressed in clean, minimalist packaging, the products over at FAB CBD exude a sense of refinement and style that many CBD brands just hope to achieve. Their sleek branding and vibrant colors just ooze with the sophistication and class you would expect from a premium CBD company.

Claiming to offer the finest CBD hemp oil extract, FAB CBD gives buyers a selection of CBD-infused products that tout high quality ingredients all blended together to bring out the best in each other. The result is an effective formulation that’s void of nasty, synthetic ingredients.


FAB CBD Oil Review


FAB CBD Review

Since they are a prominent brand, there is no shortage of FAB CBD reviews online. The brand gets a load of praise from CBD websites because of their strong reputation, impressive product selection, and their dedication to quality. But if you were hoping to get input from buyers, there are a bunch of sources online.

Reddit still proves to be the ultimate source of feedback if you want to learn more about FAB. There are a couple of threads on the website that talk specifically about FAB, and all Redditors seem to agree that FAB CBD offers quality products that are well-worth their premium cost.

If there’s anything that has bothered buyers in the past however, it’s payment hiccups and shipping delays from the couriers end. All things considered though, these minor issues are outside of FAB CBD’s jurisdiction, so you can’t really chalk them up to the brand.


FAB CBD Product Line-Up

Of all the different products on the FAB CBD line-up, their oils have to be their centerpiece. Packaged in the traditional brown-tinted tincture, their labels tout a minimalist appeal, clean lines, and straightforward copy that just adds to the products’ overall design. Their oils are available in several varieties and strengths in order to cater to buyers with different needs.

Flavors for their oils include natural, mint, berry, vanilla, and citrus. They offer the blend in both a 600mg and 1200mg formulation to accommodate users who might have different thresholds. Interestingly however, the brand labels their oil as a ‘dietary supplement’ which should be illegal based on FDA standards.

If you’ve got a slightly higher threshold and you want to really feel the CBD’s effects, FAB CBD also carries what they call a Reserve Blend, which is CBD oil at 2400mg strength. The product touts all black labeling with white and red text to give it that ‘max strength’ appeal.

The FAB CBD Chews are another crowd-pleaser on their line-up. These CBD gummies contain 25mg of CBD per piece, which is slightly more potent than the average 10mg gummy that other brands sell. Again, the tub is labeled a dietary supplement which may raise a few brows. Tubs contain 30 gummy pieces each, and they’re formulated to be vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Oh, and they also use CBD isolate as opposed to full-spectrum which may explain why they contain more than the average CBD concentration to make up for the loss of the Entourage Effect.

Then finally, there’s the FAB CBD Topical Cream. This full-spectrum blend contains 600mg of CBD for every 56g container. The blend in infused with natural blood orange extract to give it a lively yet soothing aroma during use. On top of the CBD, the formulation also contains aloe vera, cocoa butter, and coconut oil to nourish and moisturize the skin.


FAB CBD Pricing and Coupons

Considering the quality of their products as attested to by their certificates of analysis available on the site, FAB CBD’s prices are impressively fair. Their gummies and topicals are right within industry standards, and their oils fall within the upper limit of the price range for similar products.

And since they are a popular brand, there are lots of places online where you can get discount codes for their products. They also offer their own vouchers through their mailing list which you can subscribe to through their website.

With free shipping and regularly updated socials, there are a ton of ways to save on your next FAB CBD splurge. And in case you were looking for a brand you can stick to for the long haul, the company also has a rewards and loyalty program that gives you bonus points for transactions, interactions, and even your birthday.




The Verdict on FAB CBD

Even if their oils are slightly more expensive than the usual, you really kind beat the kind of quality that FAB CBD offers. The brand’s modest range of products incorporates wholesome, all-natural ingredients that make them great for buyers who really want to guarantee the caliber of their CBD stash.

With a bunch of tactics in place to help buyers spend less on their purchase, FAB CBD makes the entire buying experience just that much more rewarding. So if you have a little extra to spare and you’re on the hunt for premium CBD, then FAB CBD might be for you.


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