Daily CBD Oil Review

CBD Daily is one of the five brands under the Earthly Body company. Their products focus mainly on infusing CBD to everyday skincare essentials, helping buyers gain access to a product line that makes it possible to enjoy CBD in more creative ways. Their potent formulations incorporate all natural ingredients, and mix in substantial amounts of CBD to bring about noticeable change in appearance and health.

With a line-up that’s focused strictly on bath and body products, the CBD Daily brand stays true to its name. Today, it’s considered one of the most comprehensive one-stop shops for all things CBD skincare, giving you all the personal essentials you need under one cyber brand.


CBD Daily CBD Oil Review


More About the CBD Daily Brand

CBD Daily is just one the five different brands fully owned by the Earthly Body company. This enterprise is mainly focused on bringing buyers CBD-infused skincare products that are more than just hype. Incorporating ingredients that come from nature, their line of self-care essentials do what they promise, helping to nourish the skin and improve its overall look and strength.

Versus the other names in the Earthly Body line of brands, the CBD Daily name comes out as one of the more cost-effective choices. With products that target a wealth of skin problems, their selection helps make CBD-imbued skin health attainable and within budget.


The CBD Daily Product Line-Up

The CBD Daily brand is marketed for both personal users and professionals. Their selection of rich, hemp infused products are said to bring out the best of both skin and hair. Using all natural, organic ingredients, their blends promote improved skin health and hair texture and shine. But aside from that, they also offer a few topicals that work the pain relieving magic that CBD provides to help users with various types of pain and discomfort.

Entirely dedicated to skincare and personal care, the CBD Daily product line-up includes formulations intended for everyday hygiene. Their more popular products are their Ultra Care line of lotions, washes, and creams that are intended to nourish and moisturize with the help of CBD.

CBD Daily CBD Oil

Many of their other products are divided into two categories – namely original strength, and triple strength. As the name suggests, the original strength formulations contain much less CBD than the triple strength variety. Some of their most popular choices in the line-up include their CBD Daily Massage lotion that contains 240mg of CBD for a single eight ounce bottle.

Under their triple strength category, their CBD Daily Soothing Serum takes the cake as their bestseller. The product touts 180mg of CBD for a mere 0.67 ounce bottle, and features versatile uses for both skin and hair. They also have a triple strength spray that’s formulated for post-workout recovery.

Presently, there aren’t any edibles or oils on the CBD Daily list. That’s because the Earthly Body company funnels all of their edibles through a sister brand under the name of Fleurtiva. This is where buyers should find the company’s range of wellness products, which is relatively modest. As of writing, the line-up includes no more CBD drops in two flavors.


Additional Information on CBD Daily

Discounts and promotional offers for the CBD Daily brand mainly course through the mother company. A first time buyer discount is offered right off the bat for users who choose to sign up for the brand’s newsletter. Regular updates and discounts are sent through email to keep members up to speed on promotional offers. Unfortunately however, the brand has yet to roll out their own rewards or loyalty programs, so buyers will have to wait on seasonal sales and discount offers to get price cuts.


The Verdict on CBD Daily

For dedicated skincare junkies, the CBD Daily line of products might be your fancy. Their organic, all-natural formulations bring out the best of what Mother Nature has to offer, all infused with the wonder working powers of CBD. On the other hand, it would have been nice to find some oils, edibles, and other CBD basics in their inventory to complete the selection. Otherwise, the brand’s market might be limited to those who prefer to use CBD for its benefits for skin and hair only.


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