Cibdol CBD Oil Review

Most of the brands leading the CBD market are based right in the United States, but that doesn’t mean that foreign vendors can’t compete. Cibdol is a UK-based CBD brand that contends closely with some of the biggest names in the US-market.

With particular emphasis on quality, Cibdol asserts that their oils are sourced and processed to a higher standard than most other CBD vendors. But with so many other brands on the market, some people can’t help but ask — is Cibdol really UK’s finest CBD brand?


Cibdol CBD Oil


Cibdol CBD Oil Review

According to the brand, their mission is three-fold: to provide quality CBD products, to offer buyers the highest level of customer support, and to do it all with the highest respect to the environment. With such high standards for their operation, the brand keeps things transparent by laying down all the facts on their website.

For starters, they have a page dedicated to explaining their standards for quality. On it, they post a copy of a certification for Food Safety ensuring that their packaging meets the standards for the health supplements industry. All of their products are also certified Halal.

All of the products on their website come with a fair share of reviews that are audited by Trustpilot. The brand gets an average rating of 4.7, with most of their negative feedback describing issues with shipping delays. Other than that however, it seems the brand manages to satisfy buyers on all other fronts.

A quick Google search of the Cibdol brand also shows that they’re quite popular on forums like Reddit. Lots of members on the site assert that Cibdol offers some of the most effective oils on the market. But of course, there will always be a few here and there that state otherwise.


Cibdol Product Line-Up

Cibdol offers quite a lot of information on their website to help buyers fully understand the kind of rigorous testing and quality control that goes behind each one of their products. Manufactured in Swiss laboratories, their oils go through a stringent five-step process to ensure the highest potency and purity.

As of writing, the brand offers 13 different oil products on their website. Their best-sellers include their CBD Oil 10%, CBD Oil 20%, and CBD Oil 30% blends. All of these oils use full-spectrum oil, carried in MCT oil. They also offer a stronger blend at 40%, and a milder choice at 5%.

Other oils on their selection include the unique Liposomal CBD oil. This unique blend is said to absorb faster than traditional CBD oils, allowing users to experience the benefits of CBD more rapidly and more potently.

Then there are the CBD Black Cumin Seed Oil blends. As the name suggests, this oil uses Black Cumin oil as its carrier which is said to work more harmoniously with CBD oil chemistry. As with their other oils, their Black Cumin CBD Oil blend comes in a variety of strengths.

Those looking for a more convenient way to enjoy their CBD might find the Cibdol range of gelcaps to be particularly enticing. Their softgels use the same full-spectrum oil, and come in strengths of 4%, 10%, and 20%.

There are a lot of other choices on the Cibdol line-up that might cater to more unique wellness needs. They have sleep aid CBD oils, CBD heating balms, CBD nasal sprays, and CBD immune boosters. They also offer a few health supplements like Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, and Omega-3 mixed together with CBD.


Cibdol CBD Oil Review


Cibdol Pricing and Coupon Codes

Prices on the website are listed in Euros, but once you do the math, it’s easy to see that Cibdol actually offers their products at much higher prices than many US-based brands. Their strongest oil at 4000mg costs €209 per 10mL bottle, which converts to roughly $253.34.

That means you’re paying close to $300 for just 10mL of product. Talk about liquid ‘gold’. Their mildest oil at 500mg retails for €29.95 or $36.31 for just 10mL. So if you were using CBD oil as maintenance for whatever discomfort yo might suffer from, it’s easy to see that Cibdol’s prices might not be long-haul worthy.

Let it not be said however that Cibdol doesn’t do its fair share to help dial down prices for their buyers. The brand offers a bunch of bundle deals that let you purchase a number of products for a lower total cost. They also have a satisfaction guarantee that provides buyers a statutory warranty in case they don’t like the product they receive.

On the downside however, free shipping isn’t something you can expect from Cibdol. In fact, they charge all parcels an added shipping fee unless you’re picking it up from their offices. Another thing is that despite being a relatively large operation, Cibdol doesn’t have a newsletter or a loyalty program to help their buyers save on future purchases.


The Verdict on Cibdol

With particular emphasis on quality, Cibdol offers some of the most potent, most effective stuff you’ll find in the UK. And while they might fulfill their role as ‘UK’s finest’, the catch is their pricing.

Of course, a premium brand will charge premium prices. Although Cibdol definitely raises the bar in terms of quality and purity, their products are mostly reserved for those who don’t mind spending big bucks to get their hands on CBD that’s crafted to the highest of standards.


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