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Cannaflower CBD Oil Review

With the competition in the CBD market getting crazy thick, it’s only normal that you’ll find a ton of different marketing ploys that they put in place to secure a sale. In general, every brand touts their CBD products as the best there are in the business. But there are a few that manage to substantiate their claims with truly excellent herb.

Cannaflower CBD — formerly known as Berkshire CBD — is as premium as premium gets. Fully dedicated to providing their buyers with the highest quality CBD products on the market, Cannaflower CBD uses what they call ‘artisan’ hemp to bring you carefully calculated chemistry that gets the job done.


Cannaflower CBD Oil


Cannaflower CBD Review

Unlike other brands that let buyers run wild on the internet with information about their products and services, Cannaflower mans all fronts and maintains their presence where their buyers are. That’s why you’re likely to find them communicating directly with buyers through forums like Reddit.

There are lots of threads on Reddit about Cannaflower since before they changed their name. In general, their strong patronage enjoys their CBD hemp flower, especially since all of their offers are carefully grown in small batches and processed by hand.

If you’re not too keen about voyaging out into the internet to find information about Cannaflower, you’ll be happy to know that they have reviews posted straight to their website. Using YotPo to make sure every review left behind comes from a verified buyer, Cannaflower offers over 6,000 verified reviews to help you make a choice on which product would be best for you.


Cannaflower CBD Product Line-Up

Although their best known for their CBD hemp flower, Cannaflower CBD also carries a range of other products like pre-rolls and oils. Their CBD oil selection combines organically grown hemp flower oil with organic MCT oil to bring you all-natural effects that highlight the fullness of CBD’s power.

Unlike other brands that offer their oils in various flavors, Cannaflower takes a different route by providing oil blends that achieve different effects. Their oils include Calm, Rest, and Relief, which all use different CBD hemp flower strains to provide their distinct effects.

Oils are available in strengths of 375mg or 750mg per 30mL bottle, and they all come in a chocolate-mint flavor. Other than their oils, they also offer pre-rolls and CBD hemp flower. Their premium, hand-trimmed flower goes through the brand’s unique 90-day curing process, and are cultivated, harvested, and processed in small batches to ensure maximum quality.


Cannaflower CBD Pricing and Coupon Codes

Despite being a premium brand, Cannaflower CBD’s products aren’t insanely priced. Their oils for instance start at $29.95 for 375mg, which roughly translates to $0.07 per milligram of CBD. Their stronger blend at 750mg sells for $42.95 which means each milligram in the blend is priced at just $0.05.

If you’re interested in their flowers, the brand has a wide selection that sells as low as $8.95 per gram. Of course, rare strains sell for slightly more at up to $12.95 per gram. Package sizes include 1g, 3.5g, and 7g, with their most expensive 7g pack selling for $49.95.

For buyers who don’t know which strain would work best for their needs, the Cannaflower CBD brand offers what they call a Discovery Box. Containing their three most popular strains and a pre-roll, the box costs just $19.95 and comes with a $20 voucher you can use on your next order.

Other ways you can save on your next purchase include the brand’s Rewards Program. By signing up, you get to earn points with each purchase that you can use to redeem exlusive discounts. They also have a friend referral program that earns you points and discounts for getting friends and family to successfully complete a transaction.

Finally, there’s the free shipping offer. Much like any other CBD oil vendor, Cannaflower CBD offers free shipping on orders $75 or more. Unfortunately however, the brand’s stance on returns and refunds seems blurry at best. However they do offer their patrons the opportunity to reach out if they have any complaints about the brand’s products.


Cannaflower CBD Oil Review


The Verdict on Cannaflower CBD

It’s tough to find affordable, artisan CBD hemp flower and products these days. And that’s why Cannaflower CBD has risen to such popularity. Offering buyers premium herb and oils that encapsulate the power and potency of CBD, their range of premier products are affordable for anyone and everyone.

And because they cultivate, harvest, and process in small-batches and by hand, you can be sure that every purchase you make touts the same high quality that the brand is known for. So if you were hoping to find your next CBD oil go-to, then Cannaflower CBD might be what you’re looking for.


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