Blosum CBD Oil Review

Blosum CBD is a US based business that’s working on offering its buyers a range of products from seed to sale. Their US grown hemp passes through rigorous testing and strict protocol, helping to ensure safe, quality products that actually provide the benefits they promise. Offering a selection of options including oils, edibles, capsules, and and topicals, this brand delivers only full-spectrum infused formulations to maximize the benefits of each product.

With emphasis on natural wellness and well-being, the brand maintains its priority on its buyers. That’s why they boast one of the most responsive customer support services to help buyers choose the right product and get the most out of each purchase.


Blosum CBD Oil Review


More About the Blosum CBD Brand

Blosum CBD puts emphasis on the impact of quality hemp when it comes to the caliber of the final product. That’s why they work only with trusted farmers who know their stuff in order to guarantee the quality of their end products. The brand even goes the extra mile to provide their partner farmers with clones to secure the highest possible success rate for an entire batch of hemp.

All of the hemp harvest that’s collected at the end of a cultivation period will then have to go through rigorous testing to determine whether there are any harmful substances like herbicides and pesticides present in the crop. Its only when their hemp passes these tests that they become eligible for extraction.


The Blosum CBD Product Selection

While the Blosum brand does offer quite a selection, their oils remain some of their most popular products. Their CBD oil tinctures come in a wide range of flavors that gives their line-up an edge. And with exotic flavors like lavender, cinnamon, and orange blossom, it comes as no surprise how their oils have risen to popularity.

What’s not too impressive however is the lack of strength variety. Their oils are only available in strengths of 500mg and 1000mg, which can make it tough to really calibrate the right dose to reach your specific therapeutic threshold. It’s also worth mentioning that the oils are pretty expensive, clocking in at $74.99 for the 500mg formula and and $94.99 for the 1000mg.

Their CBD capsules come in at second in terms of popularity. Each unit delivers 25mg of CBD, with every bottle containing 30 softgels to bring you a suitable stash for up to a month. Those who want something a little more fruity and fun can opt for the brand’s gummies which are both organic and vegan.

One variety offers full-spectrum infused gummies that deliver 10mg per dose, while the other uses broad spectrum extract that offers 25mg per piece. The full-spectrum choice comes in assorted flavors including cherry, strawberry, orange, lemon, and grape, while the broad spectrum choice comes in just strawberry.

Their CBD topicals consists of just two options, one being a Warming Botanical Salve while the other a Soothing Freeze Gel. Both of these products are formulated to bring a thermal feel to the skin which can be helpful in treating acute and chronic aches and soreness. The Soothing Freeze Gel can be especially convenient for on-the-go use, coming in a convenient roll-on bottle for effortless application.

Finally, there’s the brand’s CBD for pets. Presently, the brand only offers one product for pets and that’s their CBD Dog Chews. Each pack contains 40 chews, with every piece containing 3mg of CBD full spectrum extract. Do note however that a single pack costs $59.99 which is considerably expensive for dog treats.


Blosum CBD Oil


Additional Info on Blosum CBD

While there isn’t any question about the quality of the products that the brand offers, their prices can seem pretty steep. That said, they do offer a few vouchers and discounts throughout their website. Navigating to the Blosum Nation page reveals a single-use 25% off discount code that you can use on your purchase.


The Verdict on Blosum

With emphasis on natural wellness, Blosum offers wholesome, organic options that combine blissful flavors to add a new twist to your CBD experience. And while their choices do come at a slightly steeper cost than average, they do offer modest discounts and seasonal promotions that can help you save a buck or two.


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