Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain Review

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Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain

With a name like Amnesia Haze, this strain tells pretty much already tells you what you’re in for once you take a drag. Popular in the world’s cannabis capital – Amesterdam – Amnesia Haze is the purist’s dream. Bringing together the blinding genetics of two parent land races, this cultivar is a top performer, having bagged two golds at the Cannabis Cup.

Its effects take you on a trip of mellow relaxation that can have you smiling and giggling for hours on end. And just like the name suggests, this cultivar can make you forget all of the worries of everyday life with its lemon flavored haze.

The Origins of Amnesia Haze

The Amnesia Haze strain first came on to the cannabis scene during the herb’s prime era. This 80’s cultivar is often considered one of the classics, and is enjoyed by veterans and purists who want to experience the effects of a true blue, award-winning sativa strain.

The origins of the strain shed light on the kind of untouched chemistry behind its leaves. Born from two land races, the Amnesia Haze cultivar demonstrates the glorious genetics of the South Asian and Jamaican native herbs. The former is a heavyweight indica strain, and the latter, potent sativa. Altogether, their combination resulted in a sativa-leaning Amnesia Haze that lends hints of relaxation as an homage to its South Asian parent.

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Aroma and Appearance

The Amnesia Haze strain’s nose is complex and intricate, leading you on a sensory journey that’s guaranteed to awaken your system. Strong earthy undertones create a cradle of flavor, embracing the soft, gentle aroma of lemon and citrus that takes center stage. The juxtaposition of elements battle out for supremacy and tug at the nostrils with their equally potent presence.

In terms of its look, the Amnesia Haze strain isn’t that hard to tell apart from a line-up. After all, it’s not named ‘Haze’ for nothing. As though dipped in a confectioner’s pot of sugar, the Amnesia Haze strain touts a glorious blanket of trichomes. The dense coat produces makes the nugs glisten in the light, and dazzles with sparkling appeal. But more than their contribution to aesthetic, these trichomes shed light on the strain’s complex CBD profile and its potent effects.

Effects and Experience

Whether you’ve been feeling down in the dumps, or if you’re simply looking for a solution against that lack of energy, the Amnesia Haze strain can be the ideal answer. The strain kicks off the experience with its strong earthy, lemon-laced flavor that perfectly replicates the cultivar’s nose. This blend of soil and citrus awakens the senses and brings with it a powerful punch of alertness to revive your tired spirits.

Once the strain gets your attention with its heavy-handed flavor, it goes to work on your system. The effects are slow to start, but the gradual, change makes the entire experience pleasant, steady, and easy to cope with. The body-centric effects first make the limbs feel limp, causing them to fall at your sides and making you feel inclined to take a load off.

With your body in full submission, the strain releases a whirlwind of cognitive awakening. What’s particularly satisfying is the way that it unleashes an unrelenting sense of well-being and happiness. Just like the other classics of the cannabis market, Amnesia Haze is beloved for its capability to inspire a smiley disposition, giving you an episode of giggles that you might not have experienced with more common, contemporary strains. True enough, the ‘Amnesia’ in the strain’s name comes from the fact that it can ease away your worries and stress.

Aside from the feeling of well-being and happiness, Amnesia Haze can get your tummy grumbling. Awakening the kraken from within, this strain should never be used without a pantry-full of food to keep your stomach at bay throughout the munchies.

Growing and Processing

Moderately difficult to grow, the Amensia Haze strain is best suited to cultivators who have previous experience in the process. The high-yield herb grows a modest height of around 6 feet, producing 6 ounces of bud per foot of its growth. Relative to other strains, the Amnesia Haze cultivar takes a little longer to reach full maturity, requiring a full 12 weeks before they’re ripe for harvest. Any shorter than that, and you’re likely to dampen the strain’s potency.

If you were hoping to use the Amnesia Haze strain as a foundation for cannabis-derived products, its complex trichome profile makes it a good pick. Its potent chemistry creates excellent extracts that are rich with the various cannabinoids that make cannabis and effective herb. Thick in flavor and strong with aroma, the concentrates made from the Amnesia Haze strain maximize the entourage effect of cannabis and give you the complete effects of the herb without compromising flavor.

Who Is It For?

Strong and flavorful, the Amnesia Haze strain is paraded by purists and veterans for delivering an experience that encapsulates classic cannabis. For that reason, anyone who’s had significant experience dealing with cannabis should find sound satisfaction in a toke or two of this truly awesome cultivar.

In some cases, it might work well for newbies and rookies. But if you’re just starting to learn the intricacies of cannabis, then taking the strain in moderation might be a good idea. Its strong effects can be overwhelming for low tolerance users and novices, and its effects on appetite might be a little too much to handle. Enhance your threshold or take the strain in smaller doses to help yourself cope with its heavy-handed effects.

For manufacturers, Amnesia Haze can be a cost-effective capital investment. The strain’s high yield and relatively easy growth can help you produce lots of cannabis-derived products without exerting too much effort. If anything, its long growth period might be the biggest drawback, but it definitely makes up for it with its bountiful harvest. Plus, with its complicated chemistry and excellent flavor, the strain can bring you a fat profit especially if you get the hang of producing edibles.

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