Willie Nelson Cannabis Strain Review

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Willie Nelson Cannabis Strain

Having bagged Best Sativa in the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup, Willie Nelson is, well, the Willie Nelson of cannabis strains. Euphoric and creative, this solid sativa is the lovechild of two all natural landraces that grow within the same locality. With similar properties, these herbs synergized to amplify their common sativa chemistry, resulting to the focused, active encounter that Willie Nelson provides.

Uplifting and lighthearted, Willie Nelson can be the perfect preparation for a day’s worth of stressful obligations. Taking away your worries and distress, this herb promises to keep you upbeat and carefree as you power through whatever tasks you have lined up for the day. So Roll Me Up, Just Breathe, and and get away from this Cruel World with a hit of Willie Nelson.


The Origins of the Willie Nelson Cannabis Strain

With a name like Willie Nelson, you would expect a cannabis strain to come from some pretty legendary beginnings, and that’s exactly what this herb brandishes. Two similar yet distinct landraces joined forces to produce the powerhouse that is the Willie Nelson herb, lending their untouched genetics to spur the glorious chemistry behind the iconic strain’s leaves.

The South Asian landrace isn’t quite as popular as a parent herb, mainly because of its rarity. One of the most difficult landraces to find in nature, the South Asian’s peculiarity is one of the reasons why Willie Nelson has become such a prominent herb. Presently, there isn’t a lot of information on the genetics of the South Asian strain. What we do know however is that it does produce sativa effects that are light, airy, and focused.

The Nepali parent is the second in the mix. Albeit coming from the South Asian region, the Nepalese strain produces its own distinct and consistent chemistry. A more relaxed sativa, this herb produces balanced effects that awaken the system without overloading your body with an excess of vigor. Its smooth herbal flavor laced with hints of fruit and citrus is also one of the cornerstones of its popularity, and is reflected perfectly by the Willie Nelson herb.


Willie Nelson Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

The tiny nugs that make up the Willie Nelson strain can look pretty cute from a dispensary’s shelves. Almost about the size of a thumb, each individual nug is tightly packed and dense, coming to a hefty weight despite their relatively compact size. Decorated with clusters of clumped hair, the bright red orange tresses that reach out from the leaves might remind you of that familiar old tune, Red Headed Stranger.

Naturally, the strain comes jacketed in a velvet carpet of fine white fuzz. This fur layer trickles and oozes with the delectable nectar that encases the rich terpene and cannabinoid chemistry that the strain is known for. Thick and opulent, the resin leaves a tacky texture on the fingers post-handling, which also tells you what you can expect in terms of the strain’s genetic composition.

The Willie Nelson herb takes after the Nepali landrace in terms of aroma. Blending together hints of citrus and berry with notes of herb and tea, the entire olfactory encounter can be blissful and pleasant. But since it is named after the ever prominent Willie Nelson, do expect the strain to also demonstrate some light notes of masculine gasoline and sandalwood towards the downswing of the aromatic encounter.


Willie Nelson terpene profile


Experience and Effects

With much focus on mental clarity and mood, Willie Nelson gets to work by clearing up your mental bandwidth. Aiming to release all sorts of tension and stress, the strain’s immediate impact can be felt up top, with the mind washed of discomfort and tension to help you enter a state of carefree joy. Awakening a sense of wellness and inner contentment, Willie Nelson makes it easy to just smile away your daily troubles and hum a happy little tune while you go on auto-pilot and plow through your everyday load.

Hand in hand with the shift to a sweet disposition, the strain also brings forth a sense of physical well-being. As though erasing the aches and discomforts from the various areas of your body, this herb can be a smart solution for users hoping to relieve themselves of physical pressure. Lifting away bodily woes that could be weighing you down, the sudden physical relief can amplify the herb’s effect on your mood.

During the smoke, Willie Nelson’s flavor remains relatively unchanged. Still herbal, fruity, citrusy with mild hints of gasoline, the smoke travels through the throat and into the lungs without much of a fuss. On the exhale however, it may leave a tinge of itchiness, enough for a novice to go through a bout of coughing and wheezing, but definitely not intolerable for a seasoned veteran.


Willie Nelson Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Willie Nelson is a tall plant, taking after its sativa genetics. A singe mature growth could easily reach up to 6 feet, but some specimens have been known to tower a foot or two more than that. They’re resilient against cold and moisture, but it would still help to make sure they get substantial heat and sun anyway.

Taking roughly 7 weeks to reach maturity from the seed, Willie Nelson provides a fat return of about 5 ounces for every square foot of its size. Those seeking to turn the herb into an extract or edible would do well to extend the drying and curing phase since the specific variety has been known to retain some extra moisture.


Who Is It For?

Willie Nelson is a slow, easy, effortless herb, just like its namesake. Perfect for those moments when you want to get over the daily drudges and just get shit done, Willie Nelson puts you in the perfect mood to work through chores and obligations without so much as a frown on your face. While it is pretty balanced, keep in mind that Willie Nelson can still produce unwanted jitters and overwhelming sativa-leaning effects if you bite more than you can chew. Novices should be careful to watch their dosage to prevent the unwanted effects of potent chemistry.


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