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Wholesale Mini Mother CBD Hemp Clones

Wholesale Mini Mother CBD Hemp Clones




At Industrial Hemp Farms we aim to please all of our customers, regardless of their individual needs. Many first-time customers are starting out in modest facilities. As such they do not have the space to house larger CBD hemp mother clones.

Those with limited space can maximize their yield by purchasing wholesale mini mother CBD hemp clones. Like our larger wholesale CBD mother hemp clones they are a perpetual source of sustainable CBD hemp flower.

Our cutting-edge facilities produce genetically superior cultivars at an accelerated rate. We typically grow 1,000 + plants at a time. Our fast turnaround results in a constant need for inventory rotation, resulting in mini mother CBD hemp clones that can be offered to the public at below market value.


With our CBD hemp mini mother clones you will be able to yield an enormous crop of potent CBD hemp plants while saving money and space. Mini mother CBD hemp clones produce plants that are uniform in size and quality.

Our mini mother CBD hemp clones are selected for their noteworthy phenotypes and many outstanding features. They are carefully recreated by our experienced in-house breeders.

Each plant contains a host of unique terpenoids and cannabinoids which account for their robust fragrance and delicious aroma. Many of our strains are award-winning cultivars that regularly sell out thanks to high demand and strong word of mouth.

A healthy stock guarantees long-lasting prosperity in the hemp industry. You will be able to renew your crop any time with each plant’s abundant cuttings.


Our wholesale pricing makes purchasing a mini mother CBD hemp clone a breeze. We provide detailed information prior to shipping, so you’ll know the exact dimensions of your mini mother CBD hemp clone prior to its arrival.

Thanks to our 24 hour internet monitoring we are able to manage exposure and care for your mini mother CBD hemp clone through every phase of its growth and maturity.

Don’t throw good money after bad dealing with shifty third party brokers. Opening an account with Industrial Hemp Farms enables you to buy direct from the source.

Our talented team are always eager to negotiate with new buyers and devise a strategy that works for you. When you buy from us you’ll feel the love and care that extends from our plants to our customers. IHF is a family and we’re always looking to make new friends in the industry.

Buy bulk CBD wholesale mini mother CBD hemp clones from Industrial Hemp Farms and you’ll leave with a smile on your face and a true field full of dreams.

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25 ( $25 / each), 50 ( $25 / each), 100 ( $25 / each), 250 ( $25 / each), 500 ( $25 / each), 1000 ( $25 / each), 2500 ( $25 / each)


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