White Widow Cannabis Strain Review

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The child of two landraces, White Widow is a beautifully balanced hybrid that delivers formidable effects and a deep sense of well-being that courses through the body and mind. The powerfully stimulating impact is often best reserved for those with some experience using cannabis flowers, especially because White Widow tends to come rushing like a freight train of creativity, exploding a load of energy that can feel overwhelming for those who might not know what to do with the excess vigor.

The heady experience trickles down the body for a high that involves your entire being. As one user comically put it, the strain is named White Widow because, after a toke or two, you’re gonna want to bust out the broom and clean your whole home – and then clean it again.

Origins of White Widow

The White Widow strain gets its potent Sativa-dominant effects from two landrace parents. The first is the South American Sativa which expresses genetics that is geared toward increasing energy levels and improving disposition. Some locals to the South American regions claim that the specific phenotype used for the White Widow cultivar is the Manga Rosa – an electrifying herb that uplifts energizes, and lends a strong body buzz that just begs to get you to stand up and move around.

In combination with this powerful mother plant, another potent landrace – the South Indian Sativa – contributes to the White Widow’s formidable genetics. Offering the same awakening effects that increase energy, this ancestor also lends its peppery herbal flavor that works to wake up the system the moment the strain touches your taste buds. From there, it’s a total trip to full alertness, starting from the flavor experience, all the way down to the strain’s energetic effects.

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Appearance and Aroma

At a glance, the complex trichomes that coat the White Widow can make it look overwhelmingly pale. The almost snow-white strain is covered in a pronounced layer of fuzz, making it look like a frosted nug of leaves dusted with granules of crystallized sugar. Needless to say, the sticky exterior can leave traces of resin on your fingers during handling, causing shakes and stems to stick relentlessly to your hands as you snap away a sample.

But as you peer through the dense coating, you’ll see a tie-dye of green hues, blending into one another to create a truly profound aesthetic. Breaking the monotony of green, bright orange hairs tangle together, creating a network of veiny outgrowths that encase the nugs. Oversized and loosely packed, the bud can be particularly chunky compared to denser Indica strains that come in smaller, more condensed clusters.

Experience and Effects

Let’s set things straight – the White Widow strain isn’t for the faint of heart. This high-energy cultivar is electrifying and overpowering, lending a sense of extended vigor that might be hard to manage for those who don’t know what they’re expecting. Born of two pure Sativa landraces, the White Widow cultivar is the perfect representation of Sativa cannabis that demonstrates the full expression of what an energizing strain is all about.

From the get-go, White Widow works to wake up your system with its strong herbal flavor laced with tinges of citrus that jab at your tongue. The peppery backdrop scratches the throat and clears the sinuses with each drag, leaving traces of spice in its wake. As the flavors blend together to wake up your tired system, the potent cannabinoids in the cultivar start to get to work.

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At first, you might not notice too much of a change. But as the effects switch gears, the sudden increase of energy takes over your system. A creative disposition overwhelms cognition and the urge to move takes center stage. A raging buzz courses through your spine and throughout your limbs, pushing you to stand and engage in physical activity – whatever that might be.

The ultra-focused disposition may leave you with a mind full of racing thoughts and ideas just begging to be explored. Make sure you’ve got a list of things to do at the ready before you take that first toke. Unprepared users often claim that the White Widow might make you feel frustrated at the lack of activity if you haven’t got anything prepared to expend the extra energy that the cultivar provides.

Growing and Processing

White Widow’s name comes from the beautiful snowy trichomes that cover its exterior. To achieve that iconic look and the effects that come with it, it’s important that you take the time to meet its unique needs for light, heat, and nutrition. White Widow – although relatively easy to grow – can be temperamental at times. Growing the variety indoors can help it reach its full potential, giving you the opportunity to tweak conditions more accurately for optimal health and full genetic expression.

Reaching full maturity within around 60 days, the plant can grow an average of 5 to 6 feet and may produce up to 3 ounces of bud for every foot it grows in height. As it begins to reach the flowering phase, provide it with supplementary nitrogen and phosphorous-rich fertilizer to help increase the production of trichomes towards the end of the plant’s growth.

Because of the substantially thick resin that coats the exterior of the White Widow variety, it makes a suitable choice for growers who are interested in producing other sorts of CBD products from the raw bud. Extracting concentrates from the plant can be especially rewarding, able to produce an ultra-potent product that offers substantial effects even in smaller amounts.

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Who’s It For?

While we’d love for everyone to be able to give White Widow a try at least once in a lifetime, there are limits. Being an incredibly hard-hitting strain, novices and low-tolerance users might find its effects to be overwhelming. In fact, even some veterans tend to veer away from White Widow because it can be difficult to regulate the strain’s impact.

If you’re gearing up for a busy day of household work, then White Widow might make a suitable choice. Just make sure you’ve got a list of things to do at the ready so you won’t have to deal with the frustration of not knowing what to do with your energy.


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