White Buffalo Cannabis Strain Review

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White Buffalo Cannabis Strain

Native to the stash jars of cannabis hunters with a penchant for rare finds, the White Buffalo strain is as hard to find as its sacred animal namesake. This invigorating strain bares its energizing fangs in true sativa fashion, charging at you with the full force of its awakening horns to bring you into a state of absolute euphoria that even the most experienced cannabis heads might not be ready for.

Needless to say, the rarity of the White Buffalo strain and its intense sativa effects have made it nothing less of a highly prized marijuana species. And with its complex cannabinoid chemistry that commands the attention of your entire being, this herb delivers a powerful charge of energy that can hurtle you through a day’s worth of work and toil.


Origins of the White Buffalo Strain

White Buffalo is the product of a genetic trifecta, boasting a champion line of ancestors that give it a superior pedigree. Its parents – the Romulan, Blackberry Kush, and Bay11 – are all prominent in their own right, boasting chemistry that has earned them some of the highest seats in the marijuana industry.

The Romulan strain is a true blue indica herb, lending blissful relaxation to anyone who dares take a hit. Its soothing waves of calm wash over the mind and body, leaving you in complete paralysis and relaxation, ideal for those situations where racing thoughts and restless limbs keep you from feeling your best.

The Blackberry Kush and Bay 11 strains were first bred together, before being mixed in with the Romulan strain to produce the White Buffalo. These two strains fall on opposite ends of the genetic pool, with the Blackberry Kush being an indica, and the Bay 11 being a sativa. Nonetheless, the Bay 11 strain shines through with powerful energizing, awakening effects, despite being lumped together with two pure indica partners.


White Buffalo Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

The White Buffalo gets its name from its white-coated oversized, behemoth nugs. Drenched in a delightful sheen of glistening trichomes, the White Buffalo strain offers a distinct look that can make any cannabis-head take a second glance. The glorious exterior dazzles with its abundant pelt of fuzzy white projections.

These trichomes cover the nugs in a sticky, resinous substance that leaves a tacky feel on the fingers. Just beneath the golden, cannabinoid rich nectar, pale green and yellow leaves mesh together to create a deep organic, forest vibe, as though the nugs were plucked off of the vines of some exotic rainforest shrub.

And of course, because the herb does produce quite a rich resin, you should expect that it also comes with a surge of scents that consumes the user in blissful olfactory paradise. The stingy, peppery aroma jabs straight through the nostrils to clear away your sinuses and awaken your sleeping spirits. And as the fragrance dances with your senses, hints of lavender tea infused with fresh lemon zest power through to refresh your mind and body.


Experience and Effects

Unlike other strains that ligt up your expectations and then fall short when it comes to effects, the White Buffalo strain guarantees that your uplifted predictions aren’t met with disappointment. The smoke of the strain is sharp and rugged, scraping through your throat and lungs with the abrasive force of a piece of sandpaper. Even for experts, the herb’s coarse texture can cause a coughing fit. So it’s advised that those trying the White Buffalo strain for the first time take smaller, controlled drags to avoid the abrasive effect.

While the texture might not appeal to everyone’s preferences, White Buffalo’s flavor definitely makes up for it. The delectable, mouthwatering blend of citrus, herbs, and pepper jolt the system with a rush of awakening vigor. These flavors mesh together in a lip-smacking blend of notes that can have you wanting to drag a second and a third time. But flavor-chasers beware – the deceptive taste can make you take far more White Buffalo than your body can bear.

The practice of temperance is imperative to the enjoyment of this heady, heavy-handed strain. With effects that stir both mind and body into an unrelenting state of absolute energy, the cultivar stimulates your entire being into a disposition of unstoppable productivity and motivation. Keep in mind though – the strenght of this sativa strain isn’t one to be toyed with. If you don’t have a long list of to-do’s in front of you, the heightened energy might easily turn into apprehension without the proper direction.


Growing and Processing

The White Buffalo strain is especially difficult to cultivate, which is yet another reason why you’re not likely to find it in an average, everyday dispensary’s shelves. That said, if you do manage to get your hands on clippings or seeds, it’s important that you conisder your level of expertise. Farmers who have yet to hone their cultivation skills might be met with disappointment since White Buffalo can be especially temperamental.

Particularly sensitive to humidity, the White Buffalo strain is one that easily succumbs to mold, mildew, and other common cannabis plant diseases. And because it tends to grow short and bushy, compact leaf growth can foster moisture accumulation that leads to the further degradation of the plant. That said, constant pruning and topping can help the shrubs stretch out and grow more surface area to even out the passage of air and sunlight.

If you play your cards right and exert enough time and effort towards caring for your herb, this beast will grant you a bountiful harvest of around 4 to 5 ounces for every square foot of plant. As a fast finisher, the White Buffalo herb promises returns within about 6 to 7 weeks from the seed.


Who Is It For?

Consider this a warning – the White Buffalo strain isn’t something just any cannabis head should be toying with. Delivering a powerful punch of sativa-leaning impact, the strain can easily overwhelm even the most seasoned veteran. Consider taking the herb in controlled quantities, or try to build up your experience before taking the dive. Really, not everyone can but heads with a White Buffalo, and that includes even the most well-toked cannabis connoisseur.



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