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What to Look for When You Purchase CBD Gummies Online

CBD products continue to grow in popularity, but not every CBD brand is the same. The CBD industry is still wildly unregulated, so many brands skimp out on getting every batch of products tested through an independent third-party lab. They get away with this for longer by handling their transactions solely online. Some brands add fillers to bulk up their products to make prices cheaper on their end. Others will say a CBD product is THC-free when it actually has some amount of THC in it.

Joy Organics is a CBD brand out to make a difference. Bringing products that are premium grade, free of gluten and refined to remove THC, the brand provides a variety of CBD capsules, tinctures, salves and more. Each product always comes with a batch number that is linked to a third-party lab test, which can be viewed right on the Joy Organics web platform.

The CBD brand constantly strives to create the most natural products possible, which is why their high-quality broad spectrum CBD gummies are now a reality. Gummies are a tasty, chewy treat that has garnered popularity throughout the health and wellness industry through other means in the past. Many use gummies as supplements, vitamins and now as CBD bite-sized sweets. Joy Organics CBD gummies represent a new standard for other CBD brands.

Fun to take, convenient and delectable, gummies are a reliable option for anyone to get their daily serving of cannabidiol. What is put into effective CBD gummies, though? What should we be watching out for when it comes to a reliable CBD product with a consistent serving of CBD?

How to Find the Best CBD Gummies Online

Today, we’re going to touch on what people should look for when purchasing CBD gummies online. We’ll detail how to see through inconsistent testing and irregular brand quality. Let’s look at how you can ensure you’re always experiencing the Joy Organics difference.

Short Ingredients List

You don’t want a brand that has a long list of ingredients on the back of every CBD product. More ingredients usually mean more fillers to lower the overall cost of production and lessen the quality of the cannabidiol or hemp extract. Corn syrup on the list at all should be a red flag that the product is not as pure as it could be.

Joy Organics’ CBD gummies contain only eight ingredients, including 20mg of their premium CBD oil. They’re naturally flavored with apple juice to turn them into tasty treats that can slide into your daily routine. To sweeten the deal, organic Stevia and organic agave are added.

Top-Quality Ingredients

The ingredients list needs to be as sweet as it is short. Top-quality ingredients are a must for any CBD product, so we expect to see premium grade ingredients in CBD gummies. That means no unnecessary excipients, dyes, fillers or binders. Regular and rigorous testing on each product batch also helps to ensure the quality of every ingredient.

Routine Product Testing

On the same note, the rigorous testing on each product batch should routinely be performed by a third-party lab. We don’t want to see lab results from September of 2018 — we want to see the most recent lab results and consistent reports from every batch of product the brand has ever sold! Joy Organics is one of the few brands that has such rigorous testing of their products, with consistent lab reports for every product batch they craft.

Sourced in the USA

Since hemp and CBD are the two main ingredients to most CBD gummies, you can feel more confident with a brand that sources all their ingredients from within the United States. The U.S. has strict regulations in place for their industrial hemp, so it’s more likely to be high quality than hemp grown overseas. Joy Organics grows all their proprietary strains of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp in nutrient-rich soil within the United States. Their dedicated farmers only operate using 100% organic practices and strict guidelines.

Friendly Customer Service

It goes further than finding the right brand of CBD gummies when shopping online. You must ask yourself, how friendly and prompt is customer service? Will they be able to respond to my requests or handle any concerns or issues I run into? CBD gummies are a newer type of CBD product on the market, so it’s understandable if you’re hesitant to try them. A satisfaction guarantee and a friendly customer service staff will make a world of difference in your confidence with the quality. Joy Organics offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with a 15-day grace period as a promise for your satisfaction.


Joy’s CBD gummies are an effective way to get your daily serving of cannabidiol, a light snack no matter what time of day you end up eating your treat. A consistent regimen can help to support your general wellness as well as a good night’s rest, healthy skin and post-workout recovery. With all of those benefits and more, it’s easy to see how effective CBD gummies could be for your daily routine.

Try CBD Gummies Today

Once you find a brand you prefer, try CBD gummies for yourself to get the full experience. A consistent serving of CBD gummies every day gives you a boost of cannabidiol and hemp extract without the overpowering taste of hemp. Take them daily for a few weeks before you start to really feel the effects. Over time, you should notice the effects become more regular. Joy Organics demands the most in quality for our CBD gummies, so you can be sure that you’ll always receive 20mg of CBD and excellent ingredients in every gummy you receive.