Where to Buy Delta 8 in New York?

Arguably the most well-known city in the world, New York City is a thriving metropolis that is full of diverse people and rich in culture and history. With a population of just over 8.5 million people, The ‘City that Never Sleeps’ is easily the most populous city in the US.

With so many different people residing in New York, the use of hemp and CBD oil products is prevalent throughout the city. Although it can be difficult to find out where to buy delta 8 in New York, the delta 8 compound in these products makes them popular because it produces similar effects to the more well-known delta 9, albeit less potent ones.

Because of these effects, rules, and regulations surrounding delta 8 can vary depending on the city. It’s essential to know and understand the legalities surrounding the use of delta 8 in New York before you purchase any products. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered when it comes to the legalities, as well as where to buy delta 8 in New York


Buy Delta 8 in New York


Is Delta 8 Legal in New York City?

Despite New York officially legalizing hemp and CBD oil in March of 2021, the question of whether or not the use of delta 8 is legal is slightly vague. According to federal law, Delta 8 THC is legal, as it is a hemp derivative that does not contain more than 0.3% delta 9 THC, which is the legal limit according to the Farm Bill that passed in 2018. This technically makes delta 8 legal to use. 

Keep in mind that when you buy delta 8 that it’s derived from hemp and not marijuana. The crucial difference is that hemp-derived products contain less than 0.3% THC, and this is what makes them legal both federally and in New York. Products derived from marijuana contain more than 0.3% THC, making them illegal. Any decent seller will have this information on all of their products ready for you to look at before you buy so you can make an informed decision.


Where to Buy Delta 8 in New York

Being one of the most populous and well-known travel destinations in the world, New York City features a massive range of iconic sights, neighborhoods, and restaurants. Thanks to its long history, The Big Apple is also one of the largest cultural and financial hubs on the planet. 

Because of this, there are a few excellent dispensaries where you can safely and legally buy delta 8 products. We’ve found three of the best. 



Hemped sells hemp-derived products in liquid, edible, smokeable, and topical form, all of which they source in an environmentally friendly manner. They even sell hemp products that are safe for animal consumption, should your pets ever need a little pain relief. 


MedMen is a full-service dispensary located on Fifth Avenue in Bryant Park. It sells everything from wellness gels and drops to metered ground flowers that are perfect for vaporization. They even offer delivery on all of their hemp-derived products.

The Alchemist’s Kitchen 

The Alchemist’s Kitchen is part of a global hub of stores. Their flagship store, located in New York City, offers customers a unique herbal counter and botanical dispensary, where customers can speak to expert herbalists. The store also holds events and social gatherings.


Where to Buy Delta 8 in New York


Alternatives to Local Buying

If you’re wondering where to buy delta 8 in New York and you’re looking for more variety than you can get in-store, purchasing delta 8 online might be the best option for you. 

Whether you’re concerned about sustainability or you want to make sure you’re only consuming delta 8 THC, buying online allows you to get more information about how the delta 8 product you’re buying was made. Ideally, you would be looking for a product that is made from hemp-derived delta 8 rather than a substance derived from the marijuana plant. When delta 8 is produced from hemp, it won’t contain delta 9 THC above 0.3% and can require less plant biomass to make. 

Online purchasing also allows greater access to lab report data on what you’re buying, which is a good thing for plants like hemp that have been identified as bioaccumulators. A bioaccumulator will store bits of all the chemicals it’s exposed to. Many companies provide access to testing by in-house or independent labs showing that their product contains the expected amount of delta 8 and is free from unwanted impurities.

For the cost-conscious, online buying is also usually better for the hip pocket. Companies that don’t have to shoulder the costs of an actual storefront can provide high-quality products at lower prices. So, if you’re wondering where to buy delta 8 in New York, the best answer might just be the internet.

If you’re looking for a reliable online delta 8 distributor, Industrial Hemp Farms is one of the largest retail and wholesale suppliers of hemp flower and CBD products in the world. Stocking a wide range of hemp-derived products at unbeatable prices, Industrial Hemp Farms can help you find the right delta 8 product for you.


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