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Where to Buy Delta 8 in Denver?

With a population of 727,000, Denver is both the capital of the state of Colorado and the largest and most populous city in the state. Denver is exactly one mile above sea level, and as a result, it is known around the country as ‘the Mile High City.’ This is quite an ironic nickname for reasons that we’ll get into later. Denver is considered to be one of the best cities in America when it comes to places to live, which has seen its population increase heavily over the last few years. 

Just like any large city in America, marijuana is a popular substance in Denver. Specifically, a compound called delta 8 has recently had a considerable rise in popularity, thanks to the effects it has on the human body when used, which are similar to those of delta 9. The main difference between the two is that delta 8 is actually legal on a federal level, as it contains less than 0.3% THC. 

Due to the effects that delta 8 has on the human body, various laws and regulations are governing its use around the country. And, depending on which state you’re in, delta 8 may not even be legal to use. Due to these inconsistencies, it’s a good idea to have a thorough understanding of the laws surrounding the use of delta 8 in your specific state before you buy and use it. If you read on, you’ll find a breakdown of the legalities surrounding the use of delta 8 in Colorado, as well as a few tips on where to buy delta 8 in Denver


Delta 8 in Denver


Is Delta 8 Legal in Denver?

The laws in each state surrounding the use of cannabis products are often murky at best. This is especially the case in Colorado, which is ironic considering its nickname, ‘the Mile High City.’ In 2018, the federal government passed the 2018 Farm Bill, effectively legalizing the use of hemp across the country, as long as it contained less than 0.3% THC. Despite this, Colorado state law still considers delta 8 THC a ‘controlled substance,’ which obviously presents issues for users of delta 8 in the state and makes it difficult to define whether or not delta 8 is actually legal to buy and use. 

Unfortunately, in Colorado, Senate Bill 14-184 clarifies that all tetrahydrocannabinols, including delta 9, are defined the same way by state law. That means that any hemp material with a delta 8 THC content that exceeds the legally allowable amount of THC (0.3%) is technically classified as ‘marijuana’ by state law.

Of course, cannabis is legal for recreational and medicinal purposes in Colorado. By this logic, delta 8 should be available in state-licensed dispensaries. So, is it?

It’s a little unclear. The state’s Controlled Substances Act technically lists THC isomers as prohibited substances. Because of this, delta 8 THC is not openly legal in Colorado and may be difficult to find in the state.

Unfortunately, this does limit your options if you were hoping to purchase delta 8 from any dispensaries in Denver. Because of this, we recommend doing what other residents of Colorado do and getting all your delta 8 products via a certified online dispensary. 

Because hemp is not a federally regulated substance, buying your delta 8 products from an online dispensary is one of the safest methods. If you purchase it from anywhere other than a store with a certification, it might mean you aren’t getting the real thing. If you buy your delta 8 from a certified online dispensary, you won’t have to be concerned about its purity. 


Where to Buy Delta 8 in Denver

Denver is considered a great place to live and work, and it also has a bustling tourism industry. Despite this, it still considers delta 8 to be a controlled substance. This makes it difficult to buy any delta products from a physical dispensary. Unfortunately, this does limit your choices when it comes to buying and using delta 8. 

Fortunately, you can buy delta 8 products from various certified online sellers, all of whom offer great service and high-quality products. And don’t worry – just because you’re shopping online doesn’t mean you’ll get ripped off. Buying delta 8 online can actually be safer and cheaper than buying from a lot of physical dispensaries. 


Alternatives to Local Buying

Where to Buy Delta 8 in DenverIf the old-fashioned laws in Colorado are frustrating you and you’re wondering where to buy delta 8 in Denver, you might be better off buying your supplies of delta 8 over the internet. 

Buying delta 8 online will mean that you’ll be provided with detailed information about how your product was made and what is in it. You’ll have access to a complete molecular breakdown of your delta 8, and since hemp is considered a ‘bioaccumulator’ this is actually fantastic news. Bioaccumulators store portions of all chemicals they come into contact with. Due to this, many online stores provide the option of in-house or laboratory testing to give you peace of mind about your delta 8. You’ll know exactly how much THC is in your delta 8, as well as whether or not it contains any nasty chemicals you don’t want to be exposed to. 

You might be surprised that it’s also cheaper to buy delta 8 online than it is at an actual store. This is due to the fact that online sellers don’t need to worry about paying for rent or utilities, meaning they can offer customers a high-quality product for a lower price than their physical competitors. So, stop wondering where to buy delta 8 in Denver, and jump on the internet. You won’t regret it. 

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