What is Delta-10 THC?

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what hemp flower fans should know about delta 10 THC

Hemp consumers seem to have an insatiable appetite for exotic phytocannabinoids. Just as delta 8 THC approaches full market penetration, yet another THC isomer has taken center stage. In this case, we’re talking about delta 10 THC. While this new cannabinoid may seem like a marketing ploy, it has already gained serious attention on social media. Indeed, people who’ve tried delta 10 THC are consistently impressed with its unique effects.

If you’re a fan of the “alt cannabinoid craze,” then you’ve got to take a deeper dive into the latest D10 deets!

So, What The Heck Is Delta 10 THC? 

For most people, “THC” always stands for the infamous cannabinoid “delta 9 THC.” However, as hemp researchers continue to analyze this plant’s chemistry, they’ve discovered delta 9 has a lot of relatives. Indeed, it’s far more accurate to consider “THC” as an entire family of cannabinoids.

While delta 9 THC is the most prevalent cannabinoid in marijuana, a few molecules have strikingly similar structures. The most popular THC-related cannabinoid is delta 8, but delta 10 also fits into this category.

Both delta 8 and delta 10 are usually < 1 percent of a hemp plant’s total cannabinoids, but they are naturally occurring compounds. Unfortunately, since it’s so difficult to extract these cannabinoids, they have been challenging to identify and study. In fact, for many years, researchers weren’t able to tell the difference between delta 10 THC and other obscure cannabinoids like CBC.

The major distinction between all of these THC varieties is the placement of one double-bond. You can tell which carbon chain this double-bond occurs on by looking at each cannabinoid’s number. This slight distinction makes all the difference between each THC molecule’s effects.

How Do Companies Make Delta 10 THC?

Because delta 10 is so scarce, you may be wondering how manufacturers can extract this cannabinoid without charging insane prices. Since most strains have well below 1 percent delta 10 THC, it would take tons of hemp flowers to produce a paltry few tinctures.

Although some hemp cultivators are trying to create delta 10 hybrids, the easiest way to make this cannabinoid is in a lab setting. Most often, chemists manipulate CBD molecules into delta 10 THC. Interestingly, both THC and CBD share the parent cannabinoid CBG, hence they have a similar structure. Plus, since hemp-derived CBD is federally protected, there’s no legal issue associated with using it to make delta 10.

Is Delta 10 THC Psychoactive?

There’s zero clinical evidence explaining delta 10’s effect on the endocannabinoid system. However, due to delta 10’s association with delta 9 THC, many people assume it has psychoactive properties. Therefore, new users should approach delta 10 THC with caution. While delta 10 THC may not be as intense as delta 9, it may have higher psychoactivity than other hemp cannabinoids.

Anecdotally, many customers say delta 10 produces effects similar to a “lite” sativa strain. Instead of feeling drowsy, delta 10 users say they feel a boost of energy and alertness. Some creative types also claim delta 10 helps enhance their aesthetic sensibility.

Please keep in mind that all statements related to delta 10’s effects are purely anecdotal. Your experience with this cannabinoid may be completely different from other users. Until we have more scientific evidence on delta 10 THC, you should gradually experiment with this cannabinoid.

Does The 2018 US Farm Bill Protect Delta 10 THC? 

Technically, lawmakers only targeted delta 9 THC in the 2018 US Farm Bill. As long as hemp products have ≤ 0.3 percent delta 9 THC, they are legal for sale in the USA. So, that means delta 10 is in the clear…right?

Of course, legislators created the 2018 US Farm Bill before anyone knew about delta 10 or delta 8 THC. As these cannabinoids become increasingly trendy, it’s unknown how states will respond. In some cases, local municipalities are already working on delta 8 restrictions, which means delta 10 laws may soon follow.

So, if you live in a town with restrictive cannabis laws, there may be a ban on delta 10 soon. However, delta 10 THC is legit under federal law as long as it came from a legal hemp plant.

Delta 10 THC


How Do People Take Delta 10 THC? 

As demand for delta 10 grows, customers should start seeing this cannabinoid in all the standard hemp-derived products. In addition to delta 10 tinctures and capsules, you’ll likely find delta 10 fortified flowers, edibles, and perhaps topicals online and in smoke shops.

However, since delta 10 THC is so new, it may take a while before customers see a wide assortment of goods with this cannabinoid. Be sure to keep up-to-date on the latest delta 10 offerings by signing up for newsletters with your favorite hemp retailers.

Is It OK To Take Delta 10 THC Before Work?

Customers need to be extra careful about when they take cannabinoids like delta 8 or delta 10 THC. Even though these cannabinoids come from federally legal hemp, they could have psychoactive properties. So, if you take delta 10 THC before work, there’s a strong chance it will impede your productivity and motor skills. Please never take delta 10 or delta 8 products before driving a car.

Another risk customers should keep in mind has to do with drug screenings. As you could imagine, it’s common for standard urine tests to confuse delta 10 or delta 8 for delta 9 THC. For your safety, please refrain from taking full-spectrum hemp or THC isomers at least one week before a drug test.

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