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Understanding Pricing for CBD Distillate

Choosing a Type of CBD Distillate

Many consumers have a difficult time understanding the difference between the distillate and isolate forms of cannabidiol (CBD). Simply put, CBD distillate is slightly less pure than CBD isolate. Whereas isolate powders contain almost 100 percent CBD, distillate oils and tinctures have small trace amounts of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and various healing compounds. 

Customers that prefer distillate products want to take advantage of the “entourage effect,” which refers to the natural ability of cannabis compounds to work synergistically in the human body. Proponents of the “entourage effect” claim the cannabis plant produces the greatest healing benefits in its most natural form. 

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that CBD is still the most pronounced chemical in distillate products. Customers looking for even higher levels of secondary compounds should look into full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD oils.

A customer should also be aware of the different types of CBD distillates and their pricing structures. There is CBD distillates with trace amounts of THC and higher purified THC-Free Distillates. Some types of CBD Distillate need to be handled directly by a hemp wholesale company and cannot be shipped out of state. The highest in demand in the global US market are THC-Free distillates that usually have between 80-90% cannabinoids and have very trace amounts of THC or none at all. THC free distillates are popular because they can still be used to make full-spectrum CBD products. The downside is their costs are 30-40% higher than their 70-80% regular CBD Distillates.


CBD Distillate Price Per Gram

In terms of processing, CBD distillate falls in between the ultra-fine CBD isolate and crude CBD. Although it’s not as refined as CBD isolate, distillate could sometimes have a relatively high price in the marketplace. CBD distillate’s higher price tag is usually due to the higher quality hemp strain used in the processing procedure. 

Remember, CBD isolate is only CBD, whereas CBD distillate requires trace amounts of other beneficial medicinal compounds. So, manufacturers could get away with using cheaper strains of hemp to extract CBD isolate, but they need good quality secondary compounds for distillates. Also, since isolate is pure CBD, customers could get more CBD out of less product. 

The sizes of CBD distillate in the 80% – 90% range with > 0.3% Delta-9 THC are as follows:



These prices are reduced for CBD distillate with 70% – 80% CBD. These prices range from $20 for 1 gram to $8,000 for 1 kilogram. 


Choosing a CBD Distillate Wholesale Company for the Best Pricing

As with anything in bulk, it is always best to call the wholesale company directly. Online pricing may not always reflect the true bulk pricing. A salesperson may be able to cut a better deal on bulk purchasing. When choosing a wholesale company, keep in mind that there are often brokers in the hemp industry. While not all brokers are bad, some may often promise more than they can deliver. These actions often frustrate the true buyers and sellers in the CBD industry. You may know you are dealing with a broker if they make you sign NDA agreements and other legal documents before even getting access to the prices. This is because they are the middlemen and need this to cover their butts in the sale. We are not advocating against brokers, just mentioning a word of caution to CBD distillate wholesale buyers to be aware of.



CBD distillate pricing - broad-spectrum and thc free. wholesale pricing online



CBD Distillate Legality in Colorado

Just like the laws governing recreational marijuana, the legality of hemp and CBD across the USA is in a state of flux. Interestingly, this conflict in the hemp industry is the exact opposite of marijuana when you consider federal and state standards.

In 2018, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) legalized the cultivation of hemp (defined as containing less than 0.3 percent THC content) throughout the USA. Marijuana, however, remains an illegal substance under federal law. States laws concerning both hemp and marijuana, however, often don’t match with these federal standards.

Just remember, some types of CBD Distillate cannot be handled by a company who is not licensed to deal with them. For most, THC free distillate is a great option. Unless you are planning to buy regular CBD distillate within the state you are buying it from. Luckily, IHF LLC carries both types of CBD distillates and operates out of Colorado state.

For instance, Colorado was the first in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana. The Centennial State also allows farmers to register with the state and grow industrial hemp. Since other states still don’t recognize the difference between hemp and marijuana, however, local authorities can legally incarcerate people who transport hemp across certain state lines. Even the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) admits on its webpage that shipping industrial hemp outside of Colorado is beyond its jurisdiction. 

Of course, as more data comes out on both hemp and marijuana, it’s likely more states will adopt more lenient policies towards medicinal and recreational cannabis. In the meantime, it’s important to check each state’s cannabis standards before consuming, purchasing, or transporting hemp or hemp-derived goods. 


THC-Free Distillate Price Per Gram

Any CBD distillate that’s extracted from hemp cannot legally have more than 0.3 percent of THC content. Even though this is an extremely small amount, some customers prefer purchasing distillates that have absolutely no trace of the psychoactive cannabinoid. 

To meet consumer demand, many manufacturers are now filtering out the THC from their CBD distillates. Since a THC-free CBD distillate requires more advanced filtration, it understandably costs more than normal CBD distillate. Generally, CBD distillate products are between 20-50 percent more expensive than standard CBD distillates.

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