Watermelon Cannabis Strain Review

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Watermelon Cannabis Strain

There’s no need to guess why or how the Watermelon strain gets its name. Almost like sinking your teeth into a big fat wedge of watermelon, this cultivar brings with its smoke the bright fruity flavor of your favorite summertime treat. The dynamic flavor is laced with hints of grape and diesel, and works wonders to wake up the senses and invigorate the body.

Deeply relaxing, the Watermelon strain offers gentle stimulation for those with a poor appetite. But more than anything, the strain has earned its rightful place in many stashes across the globe for its reliable ability to soothe you off into dreamland.


The Origins of Watermelon

Honestly? No one knows. The enigmatic strain seems to have entered the cannabis market from nowhere, with no definite trace of where it came from. But with its hybrid properties that lean towards the indica end of the spectrum, we can assume that its two parents were either well-balanced hybrids, or a dominant indica crossed with a less aggressive sativa.

Another tidbit of information about the Watermelon’s family line is that it’s the iconic parent behind the crowd-favorite Watermelon Zkittles. Sure, that doesn’t really tell us where it comes from, but it’s a nice little piece of added cannabis knowledge, isn’t it?


Watermelon Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

To put things plainly, the Watermelon strain looks bomb. But to give you a little more detail, it’s deep moss green nugs are delicately laced with yellow orange hairs that traverse the leaves almost in a consistent vertical direction. So, in a way, you might say it looks like the shell of a watermelon. The leaves are dusted in a beautiful, glistening jacket of trichomes, lending the entire nug a whimsical look that might even get you to think it was preserved in a deep freezer.

Smell wise, well – it’s Watermelon. The fruity tropical scent smells just as you would expect, and delivers an aroma that’s not quite dynamic, but not flat either. Underlining the watermelon scent are hints of grape and jet engine fuel, and in some cases, the scents of citrus and pine are slightly detectable as a gentle backdrop.

All in all, the Watermelon cultivar might not be stand-out in a line-up of top-shelf picks. But if you give the strain a chance, it definitely works hard to set itself apart with the strong watermelon scent that definitely makes it a strong contender in any budtender’s repertoire.


Experience and Effects

As a smoke, the Watermelon strain delivers flavor that mimics its fragrance almost perfectly. The only difference is that the gasoline notes are far more palatable than they are detectable by simply sniffing the nugs. The smoke – light and airy – can be easily tolerated by even the least experienced users. A slight abrasion might be part of the experience, especially as the smoke passes through your lungs, but nothing a novice can’t handle.

The delicate effects take their course and start off by soothing the mind. Easing away the worries and troubles that might be plaguing your cognition, the strain makes sure that the comforting emptiness puts you in the proper disposition for the rest of the encounter. As that takes place up in the attic, the herb’s complicated chemistry gets to work on your body.

While it’s not the strongest pick for physical discomfort, it does make a solid choice for poor appetite. Incredibly capable at boosting your desire to much, the strain can support you through healthy dietary habits, especially if you’ve lost your gusto for food during the day. The controlled munchies aren’t overpowering, but they can be enough to motivate you to eat just what your body needs.

Once all of that is in order, the strain then starts to get to work on its main objective – and that’s to cradle you to sleep. As the consuming emptiness roars through your mind, not a thought penetrates your cognition, giving you complete freedom from the mental noise that might prevent you from achieving a truly restful evening.


Watermelon Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Novice farmers might find the fickle Watermelon strain a little tedious to grow. requiring a full 12 weeks to flower, the strain isn’t intended for cultivators residing in regions where seasons tend to change drastically towards the end of the year. If you do try your luck with the strain anyway, growing it indoors can help protect it against the various dangers of outside growth.

Nonetheless, individuals living in relatively sunny places where cold and rain aren’t too much of a problem, then the Watermelon strain can thrive just fine outdoors. But to bring the cultivar to max out its full genetic potential, you might need to be particular about the types of soil and fertilizers you use throughout the process. For the most part, the strain enjoys loose soil that’s rich in phosphorous, and grows best when directly exposed to sunlight throughout the day.

At night, the provision of a garden light might help sustain the plant’s unique needs for excess heat and light. In a lot of ways, you might actually say that it grows quite like a watermelon.


Who Is It For?

The dreamy Watermelon strain finds its purpose as the ideal nighttime strain. Helping you fall asleep with a full tummy, this cultivar supplies two of the basic physiological needs. By using the strain on days when appetite and sleep are hard to come by, you can effectively support optimal wellness habits to support your body’s needs.

For farmers, Watermelon’s lengthy growing period and fickle requirements might make her a bit impractical to grow. Even cannabis-derived product manufacturers find that there are better strains out there for the purpose of extraction that demonstrate similar properties without taking too long or too much effort. Despite that, recreational farmers interested in trying their hand at a new challenge might find the Watermelon strain to be particularly satisfying to grow, especially because it’s got a few phenotypes under its belt.


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