Vanilla Kush Cannabis Strain Review

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Vanilla Kush Cannabis Strain

Birthed from the magical union of two landraces, Vanilla Kush is a fragrant, decadent cultivar that touts a glorious aroma and flavor profile guaranteed to draw you in with each new drag. The perfect end to a stressful day, or the ideal solution against the discomforts of daily life, Vanilla Kush enthrals the senses with its delicate taste and scent, and then cradles you off to relaxation with its indica leaning effects.

If there’s one thing you’re guaranteed to love about the Vanilla Kush strain, it’s the herb’s sapid flavor that just oozes from the smoke. And with its satisfying taste, Vanilla Kush might just bump out every other strain in your stash for its absolutely mouth-watering properties.


Origins of Vanilla Kush

Landraces often make the best parent strains because of their untouched chemistry. Unaltered and unspoiled by human intervention, landrace strains encapsulate the true essence of cannabis. All that said, Vanilla Kush incorporates genetics from two different landraces – the South Asian and the Afghani.

The South Asian is a rare strain that isn’t often found on the market. It’s a peaceful strain, leaning towards the indica side of the gradient, and offering mellow effects that are perfect for those moments when you just want to take a load off. In a lot of ways, Vanilla Kush expresses these effects in its own potent genetics, making it a suitable substitute for the South Asian.

On the other hand, there’s the Afghani. Ever iconic, Afghani is beloved by those who enjoy heavy handed sativa effects. Working hard to awaken your spirit, the Afghani stirs the senses with flavor and energy that are guaranteed to wake up your tired being. Of course, Vanilla Kush takes after this parent strain’s flavor which blends together herbs and sweet nectar.


Vanilla Kush Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Vanilla Kush looks like it froze over, owing to its delicate exterior of dusted trichomes that cling ever so gently to its leaves. These fuzzy white hairs are what produce the nectar-like resin that leaves that tacky feeling on your fingers after you touch the nugs. The nectar itself contains the glorious cannabinoids that produce the effects and aroma of the strain. Thus, the more trichomes that the nugs have, the more potent its effects will likely be.

If Vanilla Kush manages to snag your attention from its seat on the shelf of a dispensary, then its aroma will be sure to captivate your senses. Not called Vanilla Kush for nothing, this herb brandishes a beautiful blend of ambrosian fragrances that are sure to enthrall your olfactories with their breath-taking blend.

Mixing together sweet herb, fruit, berry, and a hint of decadent pastry dough, the Vanilla Kush strain can be difficult to resist, especially if you’re particularly interested in strains that capture your senses.


Vanilla Kush terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Like sipping a cup of chilled brewed tea, Vanilla Kush further enthrals the senses by caressing your tastebuds with its smooth, silky flavor that rushes down the throat effortlessly. The hitch-free smoke is thin and aromatic, making the smoke experience even more enjoyable. In fact, many of those who enjoy Vanilla Kush claim that the taste experience is the best part of the whole encounter.

But after the smoke exits your lungs, the cannabinoids in the strain start to infuse into your blood, causing a chemical reaction that kicks off the effects. The first is a strong sense of cognitive clarity, as though emptying your mind of all things that drag you down. The next is a resonating pang of calm and relaxation that travels down your spine and all throughout your limbs.

The height of the experience puts you in a meditative state of calm collectedness. As you sit and ponder the more important aspects of life, a mild euphoria settles into your mind and brings you into a state of absolute careless bliss – making each moment feel like total release from the banes of everyday existence.


Vanilla Kush Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Vanilla Kush is relatively easy to grow, but harvests can be modest at best. The strain is a fast finisher though, giving you the results of your cultivation effort within 7 weeks of planting the seed. Partial to cold weather, the Vanilla Kush strain is one of those that thrive just fine even without constant exposure to heat and sun.

Once you’ve pushed your plant to maturity, it should give you a yield of about 3 ounces for every foot of its overall height. Now, sure, that’s not a lot. But when you consider the aroma of Vanilla Kush and its perfectly balanced effects, then it’s not hard to see how the strain can be a sound investment nonetheless.

Finally, as the raw material for cannabis-derived products, Vanilla Kush lends exceptional chemistry. Its forest of thick trichomes are a testament to its complex cannabinoid content which fully demonstrates its indica power. But more than that, Vanilla Kush’s distinct terpene profile also mean that the strain doesn’t produce that strong bitter flavor when extracted, making it possible to produce full spectrum oil that doesn’t take your taste buds hostage.


Who Is It For?

Now the question – who is Vanilla Kush for? As it turns out, the strain can be a suitable choice for pretty much anyone. From its impeccable taste to its blend of magical effects, the Vanilla Kush cultivar transcends preferences and expertise levels, bringing you a truly well-rounded strain that works wonders for anyone who decides to take a toke.

Another thing to consider is its flavor profile. Because the strain can be especially satisfying on the palate, even low-tolerance users can enjoy its benefits without triggering sensitivities. Of course, its indica-leaning properties make it a better choice for night-time use, however individuals dealing with the throes of apprehension can also benefits from the herb during the day.

For farmers, Vanilla Kush might not provide you the most bountiful harvest. But its properties make it a wonderful raw material for extracts and concentrates. Plus, because it does let off that magical scent as it grows, simply having the plant around can be a total trip on its own.


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