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Umpqua CBD Hemp Flower

Umpqua CBD Hemp Flower

(11 customer reviews)

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  • 0.3% Total THC Compliant
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Certificate of Analysis


Umpqua is a hemp flower strain that means “across the waters” or “thundering waters” in Native American. It sports one of the highest levels of trichomes seen in a hemp strain to date and is known for its especially complex flower structure. It’s also one of those strains that tastes just like it smells.

11 reviews for Umpqua CBD Hemp Flower

  1. hathawaybm (verified owner)

    Short burst of energy feeling, fine taste, fine smell

  2. tyler3633 (verified owner)

    Nice buds skuny smell sticky and no seeds. Great job ihf

  3. Teadaddy (verified owner)

    Just recently got this strain, first time using it. The smell has a green and tang to it. I liked the flavor, hint of gas.
    Vaped smooth, hit me harder than expected, in a good way. Mental lull. Very relaxing. Calming. Get rid of my headache. Effects were get quick. Was seedy but sticky and fluffy. Will buy again. Even my wife loves it and many strains don’t effect her, she’s picky. But this one hit her nicely.

  4. Mike S

    Nice fluffy buds that left me nice and mellow. Nice work IHF!

  5. Christian X (verified owner)

    Nice Sticky buds that smell like gas . This strain is more of a creeper for me . Came in clutch. Thanks IHF

  6. Joseph Riccelli (verified owner)

    Big buds but a lot of stems, a bit of seeds, and a little leafy. Smells really nice, and taste is just regular. Feels very mello that creeps up on you. A little bit of a fuzzy head, but not overpoweringly fuzzy.

  7. Davonta green (verified owner)

    Very smooth feeling it never looks like the pic but it was good try it


    Smells amazing. The taste definitely varies on how its smoked. This is a great alternative than cannabis. Specially in areas where its still illegal. Really enjoying the IHF vibe as well. When looking through the reviews myself I had wished there was more about the company also. Theyre very quick and prompt. Also respond to emails crazy fast. Thank you IHF ♡

  9. Livenlearn (verified owner)

    When consuming by smoke I didn’t notice very strong effects. However, once consuming by edibles it was phenomenal!!! I couldn’t believe it was the same strain. Remember every strain reacts differently to people though. When I ate it the feelings was a very clean almost giggly feeling.

  10. CarpediemBC (verified owner)

    Gives you lil zap,🌬️🔥😂tho few minutes I’m craving just few more . I’ve learned too wait in-between enjoy the feeling rushed over then finish my therapical session. This nice % taste is good clean smooth…vapes nicely to. J’s& Bs burn well like mix with S.candy especially in Bs use hemp wraps via clean & allergies other leaf
    Only green for me all plants useful
    Try it! I’ve ordered more already! Not gonna run out!

  11. OldMan Smith (verified owner)

    Nice buds which are pretty well trimmed with a few sugar leaves still wrapped on flowers. Effects are a Creeper for sure, comes on slowly in waves of calmness and focus. Smokes smooth and not harsh at all, flavor not really defined, mostly mild earth undertones with no discernable notes of citrus or sweetness. Great value for the price on an oz. and great service and turn around time which has always been the experience with IHF

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