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Tokyo CBD Hemp Flower (16.41% Cannabinoids)

Tokyo CBD Hemp Flower (16.41% Cannabinoids)

(16 customer reviews)


  • Indoor Grown
  • Lime Green
  • Dank Smell
  • 16.41% Total Cannabinoids
  • Seedless Flower
  • 0.07% Delta-9 THC

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Tokyo is an AAA+ in every aspect. Our good friends in the mountains out on the Western Slope of Colorado bred this strain. Grown in a state of the art facility.

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1 Gram, 3.5 Grams – 1/8th oz, 7 Grams – 1/4th oz, 14 Grams – 1/2 oz, 28 Grams – 1 oz, 112 Grams – 1/4 lb, 225 Grams – 1/2 lb, 1 lbs

16 reviews for Tokyo CBD Hemp Flower (16.41% Cannabinoids)

  1. TimboRoberson19

    Every strain of CBD I’ve got from IHF has been amazing. Gonna be ordering more soon soon!!

  2. Meghan

    This look’s absolutely amazing!! All of their strains have impressed me, completley!

  3. Daniel Razor (verified owner)

    I ordered 4 different strains and they where all great but this was my favorite. the smell and taste was great!!! will be ordering more.

  4. Devinmarch95 (verified owner)

    Has a different kind of taste, but looks good, just like the picture.

  5. Devinmarch95 (verified owner)

    Nice buds, with some nice orange hairs.

  6. Thomas Hanby (verified owner)

    I have no problem recommending this flower. The color is a really rich green throughout, covered in crystals. Looks hand-trimmed. No trace of seeds after grinding it all up, so can confirm it’s seedless. The smell is very dank and pleasant. Flavor is mild and smooth. Effects are right on-par with the CBD lab results, strong but not too strong. Out of the strains I’ve tried, this is my favorite so far.

  7. Doug Ray (verified owner)

    Wow, smooth, super relaxing. A+++++.

  8. mslomski (verified owner)

    Just got my first batch of this and it looked just like the pictures and the effects were very nice! I’ve placed several orders with IHF and every single time it’s 🔥!

  9. mslomski (verified owner)

    This is my second time ordering this strain and it is one of my favorites. The buds look just like the picture and the effects are wonderful! Just another great IHF product!

  10. Gabriel Montgomery

    A little leafy but very good fat buds conparable to white widow

  11. Michael Hipps (verified owner)

    Love it fire meds

  12. Nicole Lewis

    Good flavor a lil different but I like it and good mellowing effects oh and smooth in a binger!

  13. wezal1369

    this is my favorite …. if you get any cbd and its a grassy smell put in mason jar with beveda and it will recure ! shit happens and well thats how to fix . this one they got rihgt

  14. hathawaybm (verified owner)

    It’s good and worth getting, but the smell is comparably weak. But comparing products here is comparing all (so far) good products

  15. Anna Esquivel

    Great effects especially for night time is what i use it for a little heavy on seeds either way its three star for me thanks ihf..

  16. Anna Esquivel

    Idk why it posted on tokyo the three stars were for super glue not tokyo

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