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The Wellness Tree

The Wellness Tree Hemp offers only the highest quality hemp flower. Their products are grown indoor in rich soil and with lots of love. Their mission and goal are to provide top-shelf flowers at a reasonable price. The Tennessee valley brings no competition for this dispensary which began operating in 2020, at the height of the COVID pandemic.

The emergence of the Wellness Tree Hemp Project means that you can now access the most beautiful and tasty bud and pre-rolls. They test each product meticulously using outside sources to verify their product is potent and legal.

Top Products from The Wellness Tree

The pre-rolls offered by The Wellness Tree are out of stock! They must be a hot product that they can’t keep on the shelf! That’s obvious because the rolls are beautiful, and you can tell that The Wellness tree rolls them with care. They make them with the top three strains on their site, and you get a nice, long, sturdy filter at the bottom of the long rolls. The joints are long and fat and offer enough hemp to produce beneficial effects to alleviate stress and insomnia.

The tonic berry strain offered checks all the boxes you would hope to find in a CBD-heavy hemp strain. The dense flower’s trichomes completely cover its bright green flower and have amber highlights. You get high levels of cannabinoids, and the smells of the flower are fantastic. You will experience the aromas of haze, grapes, and berries with this flower. It has a smooth draw and is currently out of stock, but they have loads of other beautiful buds to choose from that offer uplifting and relaxing effects while keeping you focused on your work.

Buddha’s hand is a beautiful strand that is green and covered with amber trichomes. The yellow strands within the green flower make this flower hairy and potent. It is a cross between the cherry wine, wife, and T1 strains, so you get a great mix of cannabinoids that offer less than 0.03% THC. You will experience aromas of tangelos, incense, hash, and northern light terpenes making this flower an excellent smoke just before bed.

What People Are Saying

Wellness Tree Hemp

Customers leave reviews directly on the website where they purchase a flower that is out of this world. The buzzwords associated with Wellness Tree products are beautiful smells, amazing tastes, and pleasant experiences. Some customers also mention in detail that the buds are big, beautiful, and dense. Other customers highlight that the sampler packs you can buy from The Wellness tree are worth the price because you get a range of quality bud that is deliciously flavorful and offer day and nighttime smokes. A customer favorite that is highly regarded and recommended is the Alpen Gleaux which has beautiful colors of purple, green, and Amber. Customers specifically highlight the smell as intoxicating and highly medicinal for those who need immediate relief in stressful situations.

Customers on Reddit have described a similar experience with the product but outline that the product is very affordable, and the flower is killer. The flower offers great effects, and customers are enamored with the mind-clearing effects of all products provided by the grower.

The Wellness Tree Loyalty Points and Discounts

The Wellness Tree Hemp Project has a range of products for excellent prices. The website doesn’t mention a loyalty or rewards program, but customers left stellar reviews outlining the quality of the product and the excellent pricing offered. Their product flies off the shelf as many of their sample packs and bud is currently out of stock. The company seems to restock quickly, but you should be on the lookout because it sells like hotcakes when it hits the shelf. The rapidity at which people purchase their hemp is a testament to the quality and value they provide to their customers.

If you’re looking for cosmic deals and a heavenly mix of day and nighttime bud, you should purchase their sample pack, which gives you three beautiful, colorful, and delicious strains for just $25. A sampler is the best way to experience all the savings offered by Wellness tree because you can test how smooth the smoking experience is and feel the effects that will leave you focused and ready for the day ahead. You can contact the company directly on their contact us page, and they can help with placing larger orders.

The Wellness Tree Legal Compliance

The Wellness Tree Hemp Project meets rigorous testing standards for every product offered on its website. You know you are getting quality when you purchase a product because each package sent contains a QR code. When you scan this, you are taken to a web page containing a Certificate of Analysis that describes the type of flower you obtained, how it was grown, the TCH content (0.03% or less guaranteed), and the CBD content. The certificate of analysis offered is tested by a third-party agency, so you know the flower is legal and will produce the effects you need.

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