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When you fall into the hemp flower rabbit hole, you’ll find that sticking to one strain is a tough feat. Not because it’s hard to find a suitable hemp variety, but because the selection can be so infinitely wide.

Today, no one really knows how many hemp strains exist. And although some of those names should feel like familiar territory by now, many others evade our collective consciousness. So if you’ve made it your goal to try every hemp strain in the book, you should try to look into these exotic hemp flower strains.

The Most Exotic Hemp Flower Strains

Finding a rare hemp flower strain feels a lot like striking oil. That’s especially true when you find a rare flowers that are fresh and high quality. Now, these names probably won’t appear stacked on your favorite vendor’s shelves. But they do make the occasional appearance across the most prominent and trusted vendors online.

Amnesia Haze

Just its name already tells you that this strain delivers a cloudy, fuzzy, dreamy cognitive state. Having won the Cannabis Cup twice in its existence, Amnesia Haze takes its user to a higher level of mental bliss and blithe.

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The carefree effects evaporate any sense of stress and may have you feeling like you’re floating on cloud nine. The child of two landraces, Amnesia Haze rarely ever appears in vendors’ inventory because of how difficult it is to source a mother plant for the variety.


Dynamic and versatile, Boax is a strain that aptly satisfies the desire of users with a little more hemp experience. Its elaborate terpene profile delivers a fruity, juicy, sweetness that penetrates the depths of your soul to bring you an almost sensual sensory experience.

Effects of Boax range from calming to awakening. That is, while the strain might make your body feel comfortably relaxed, it resonates through the mind with a sense of presence and awareness that keeps you completely intact throughout the ride.

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Sweet Wife

Like the warm, loving embrace of your dear, sweet wife, this strain delivers a powerful blow of comfort and relief that can have you feeling effortlessly tranquil and contented. The delectable Sweet Wife tangos with your taste buds and spreads an aromatic, floral flavor throughout your lungs.

The depth of its effects calms the user and places you in an almost dreamlike state. Soothing and controlled, Sweet Wife can have you in a state of perfect zen, ideal for those moments when stress just becomes a little too much to bear.

How to Choose Exotic Hemp Flower

The last thing anyone wants is to purchase hemp flowers that are not what it’s cracked up to be. Lots of unscrupulous vendors do what they can to fool the unsuspecting public and make big bucks off of substandard herbs.

That’s why as a customer, it’s your job to perform your fair share of due diligence so you know your money is going to a worthy vendor. So here’s how to tell if you’ve got a rare variety that’s truly top shelf:

  • Lab reports – You can’t go wrong with lab tests. These documents prove that the product in question actually contains the cannabinoids the vendor promises. Aside from that, a lab report also demonstrates whether a product has any harmful substances or contaminants that could put you at risk.
  • Customer reviews – A trusted, reliable source of hemp flowers shouldn’t be afraid of letting the public know what their past customers think about them. Be careful though — some vendors actually fabricate these reviews to appear more reliable than they actually are.
  • Online resources – Anyone can make up their own strain and give it a name. Truly recognized hemp strains — no matter how rare — should have some sort of literature online that talks about them. Beware of vendors selling their own Franken-hemp peddling it as a highly coveted rarity.
  • Appearance and aroma – If you have the privilege of buying rare hemp flowers in store, then you can inspect the nugs face to face. Fresh, high-quality hemp flower should be tacky to touch, not crumbly, and aromatic. Smells vary from strain to strain, but you should be looking for a strong scent wafting off of the nugs.

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On the Hunt

It’s always fun to discover hemp strains and all of the wonderful effects that can come from a single agricultural commodity. If anything, the elaborate collection of varieties under the hemp name just goes to prove how dynamic hemp can be.

Over time, many strains have earned prominence not only for their effects but also because they’re so widely farmed and supplied. And while many of them should hit the spot, it’s always a treat to discover a rarity that fits the boot. So if you’re on the hunt for the best exotic hemp flower strains, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for these picks.

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