THC-v Isolate

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You have to try this- hard to come by – extract! THCV is a newly discovered cannabinoid on the market. Our THCV is crystal clear with great potency…

  • 89.96% THCV
  • 6.30% CBG
  • 96.25% Cannabinoids

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5 reviews for THC-v Isolate

  1. Daniel Garman (verified owner)

    THCV- WOW.
    This is the most beautiful gem I’ve ever seen, the picture doesn’t do it justice.

  2. Ryan V. (verified owner)

    Arrives quickly, great additive to dabs and any form of greenscreen alike. Definitely seems to potentiate energetic creativity and is the perfect additive to your work or school time medication. Just keep doses low, alwayse consider how little actually exists naturally in you meds and you’ll understand why its probably not a good idea to take a big fat dab of THCv

  3. Taylor Brown (verified owner)

    This stuff is incredible, it provides a great upper experience without getting the the point of tiredness when continuously smoking. It is a wonderful day smoke, and is an excellent addition to sports, workouts, or if you just want a good wake me up in the morning to start the day. Just be careful at night with it, it does make it a little harder to sleep if I use it right before bed. Unfortunately the price is high at the moment as with any new rare cannabinoid until it gains more popularity and it becomes more commonly produced. I’d highly recommended giving thcv a try!

    I’m really not sure what would “make you sick” with thcv, maybe they are eating the entire gram at once? I’ve smoked with several people so far with no negative reactions. As far as I can tell this is a very high quality extract and one of the only places to get thcv right now. I will be buying again!

  4. Jace (verified owner)

    No-one got sick that I smoked with just do it right

  5. Jesse Aherns

    Thcv is meant to be used in small doses. It’s been said that if you smoke enough you will hallucinate, but this has lots of benefits from insulin to anti psychotic qualities to appetite surrpresent. And it’s more of a stimulant cannibiod. Start slow guys, it is a concentrate but I love it!!!

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