Tangie Cannabis Strain Review

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Tangie Cannabis Strain

A dream is a wish your heart makes, or so the famous song goes. Truly, once you’ve experienced the Tangie, this is all your heart will ever desire. As it takes you out of your mundane existence and elevates you to an exhilarating dream-like state, this strain speaks of cannabis heaven that you’ve probably yet to experience.

The Tangie is a remake of sorts of the famous Tangerine Dream that rose to prominence in the 90s. Known for its refreshing citrus aroma, it was considered one of the most sought after strains of that generation. A modern reboot for a brand new breed of cannabis heads, the Tangie boasts superior quality. This strain has garnered widespread recognition by winning almost 10 different awards in the prestigious Cannabis Cup, proving once and for all that Tangie is here to stay.


Origins of the Tangie Strain

The Tangie is a Sativa-dominant hybrid derived from a combination of the California Orange and a Skunk hybrid that started its famous run in Amsterdam. California Orange or C.O.B. in other circles is also a hybrid that was part of the early wave of strains with fresh, citrus scents. This strain had low THC but was known for a potent mental high. This herb had users experiencing increased levels of creativity and focus with mild physical relaxation. Adding to the fact that it was also a flavorful strain, it was an experience worth remembering, and breeders definitely didn’t forget that when they came up with Tangie.

The other half of the Tangie concoction is an unknown Skunk derivative that further adds to the dream-like mystery of this strain. Allegedly, that skunk strain was actually Skunk No. 1. However, no reliable source has come up with enough information to confirm or deny this claim. Nevertheless, believe in the saying “the less you know, the better.” The Tangie strain doesn’t care what you know; it only cares that you let your mind go and get lost in its dream.



Aroma and Appearance

From the name itself, the Tangie boasts a signature sweet, citrus, tangerine aroma that distinguishes it from all the competition. Think of it like a tropical fruit salad in cannabis form. The tastes as well are something to write home about, making it arguably one of the best-tasting strains you’ll find on your friendly neighborhood budtender’s shelves. It’s a sweet and refreshing tangerine taste with a hint of skunk that just perfect for that afternoon drag.

Being a sativa dominant plant, this is a tall herb, boasting elongated nugs that taper at the end in traditional sativa fashion. Surrounded at the base by brown-colored tendrils, this strain also produces an abundant trichome coat which is very telling of its superior resinous output.


Tangie Cannabis terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The Tangie strain’s claim to fame is due in no small part to its uplifting effects. A sativa-dominant hybrid, the Tangie hangs in there with the best sativas on the market in delivering one the best afternoon drags this side of town. On top of the effect, this stuff is delicious. Ever wondered what tropical fruit salad smoked like? This baby takes that proverbial cake.

The Tangie is a wonderfully sensual experience that can’t be described with words. Depending on user tolerance, the strain is known to creep up on people to deliver a mental elevation of euphoria, creativity, and happiness. The user is energized but at the same time relaxed and focused. Tension dissipates as you feel a care-free spirit come over you. This thing brings out the productive, social butterfly in you, leading you to question, why did I only try this stuff now?

 The effects lend itself well for use during the afternoon. It lacks the distinct couchlock effect found through other more potent hybrid strains. Those looking to make the most of their afternoon can look to this strain for that added energy boost. Not to mention, this herb was made for those looking to get a decent level of the munchies midday. Make sure to have favorite snacks at the ready ready. This thing is going to have you scrounging up what’s left in mommy’s cupboard.

Tangie also has a side effect profile which may turn off users if they’re not aware. Dry mouth is one of the more noticeable effects of this cultivar. But most cannabis phenotypes absorb saliva and induce cotton mouth, so it’s only really going to be a problem if it’s literally your first smoke ever.


Tangie Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

This is a moderately difficult plant to grow so consider it an exercise in leveling up your marijuana cultivation game. The Tangie is best grown outdoors as its tendency to grow tall necessitates that you have space. Additionally, the plant benefits greatly from lots and lots of sunlight as the plant is partial to heat and high temperatures. Securing rich soil compost for this plant to grow on also ensures you get the rich citrus flavors. Take out that B-52 and Voodoo juice from your storage box and put that into the ground.

The plant also benefits from doing regular maintenance on its growth. Left to its own devices, the Tangie will grow up to 6 feet. Make sure to regularly top this plant to promote growing a bushy structure. You may opt to place a canopy over your little marijuana babies if you’re growing them outdoors. Play your cards right, and you’ll have a full grown plant in as little as 10 weeks.


Who Is It For?

The Tangie is meant for those looking for that extra kick. Whether you want to attune your mind to accomplish a mundane task or just enjoy a late day hangout with friends, the Tangie is a solid choice for the afternoon slump. The mental high with one of the best tasting profiles make this an enjoyable choice for years to come.

Novice users may be surprised by the side effect profile brought on by Tangie’s complex chemistry and may be caught off guard by its deceptive potency. For the seasoned cannabis user, however, the Tangie strain is a modern classic worthy of its accolades. A dream is a wish your heart makes? Make that dream a reality. Fulfill your heart’s desire and get yourself the Tangie.


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