Tangerine Dream Cannabis Strain Review

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Tangerine Dream Cannabis Strain

Take a step into a dreamy, hazy, clouded mental stupor with Tangerine Dream. Specifically engineered to bring its users to the next level of relaxation, the Tangerine Dream herb is a full body solution against all sorts of unwanted discomfort and stress. With emphasis on relief and wellness, this sleepy cultivar dulls down the senses, foams up the thoughts, and slows every physiological function to help you achieve complete release for at least a few hours.

Often the weapon of choice for users suffering from a range of wellness issues, Tangerine Dream incapacitates both mind and body, preventing the system from feeling any hint of distress. The result is a total-body melt that leaves you motionless on your seat so you can have a moment to recalibrate and refresh your system.


The Origins of the Tangerine Dream Cannabis Strain

Tangerine Dream is a chronic herb that unites the properties of a popular landrace with a lesser known sativa. Together, they create the intense alternative treatment that is Tangerine Dream, often used by Cannabis heads in search of a suitable solution against a variety of woes involving both mind and body.

The landrace in the mix goes by the name Afghani. Believed to have been one of the oldest strains in the world, Afghani’s leaves conceal a splendor of aromas that join together the power of herb and fruit to produce an invigorating fragrance that restarts the system with no more than a whiff. Obviously, the effects of the herb are also impressively powerful, inducing a sweet, mellow calm that’s both uplifting and stress relieving.

Neville’s Dream is the second half of the combination, and might not be as prominent as the ever iconic Afghani. Nonetheless, this herb has won its fair share of awards, including the Best Overall Strain during the 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup. A sativa through and through, Neville’s Dream drives through the system with a boot of energy and wakefulness that can fuel you through a day’s toil.


Tangerine Dream Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

Tangerine Dream looks just as its name suggests – like an orange nug of hazy goodness. Its coat – a bright orange to yellow gradient – touts hints of green and purple that lace the surfaces for added contrast. Its tresses are long and unruly, like the hair of an Irish warrior princess in the middle of battle. These hairs clump together to create little pockets that peek through the crevices of the leaves instead of wrapping the entire nug in a cage of delicate fibers.

Adding to the hazy, dreamy look are the trichomes that consume every square inch of the oversized nugs. Blurring the colors and textures, this dense fur gives justice to the ‘Dream’ addition to the strain’s name. To the touch, the hairs can feel light and delicate, letting off a sticky resin that leaves the fingers feeling tacky. This golden nectar doesn’t only give the strain its glistening appearance, but also contains the terpenes and cannabinoids that produce flavor, fragrance, and effects.

Tangerine Dream offers an aroma that won’t fall short of the expectations it sets. Just as its name suggests, this herb exudes the aroma of sweet citrus and orange, with emphasis on the nectarine properties of its fruity elements. Weaving through the fragrance, hints of mint and herb peek through and jab at the senses, enticing the olfactories to move on to the next phase of the experience.


Tangerine Dream terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Because it was engineered to cater to people who might be suffering from certain physical and cognitive discomforts, the Tangerine Dream strain delivers its results in record time. The fast acting relief first takes a hold of the mind, but instead of washing away mental clutter, the strain clouds the thoughts. This hazy, dreamy state dampens thought processes and induces a sleepy stupor that could make you feel the desire to just sit back and relax.

As it conquers the mind, the strain then moves on to the rest of your body where it melts away much of what you feel. In the same way, it waters down your perception of the stimulation around you. So you’re left with a focused energy that dwells mostly in your head as you’re isolated from both the outside world and your thoughts. The result is a heightened discernment of things like your breathing which can become the only thing you can focus on.

Taking control of both mind and body, Tangerine Dream makes your system impervious to all sorts of discomfort and distress. Working to relieve you of any feelings of unwell that might make it difficult to achieve total body calm and relaxation, Tangerine Dream is the go to for those moments when you might need some hard-hitting relief.


Tangerine Dream Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Difficult to cultivate, the Tangerine Dream herb is highly coveted because it’s pretty rare in the market, owing to the fact that a lot of farmers don’t like dealing with its tedious requirements. Best grown indoors, Tangerine Dream prefers lots of warmth and light, and is particularly sensitive to excess moisture and cold. That’s why facilities that let you cultivate the variety with full control are often the ideal conditions for farming this specific commodity.

Manage to play your cards right and you should see fully mature 6 foot tall plants within about 7 to 9 weeks from the seed. Offering a yield at a maximum of 6 ounces per square foot, the Tangerine Dream herb does make up for its tedious growing requirements with a bountiful return.


Who Is It For?

Whether you’re suffering from discomfort or distress, the Tangerine Dream cultivar delivers just the right effects to help you overcome. Intended to work for users in search of heavy-handed relief, this herb promises to melt away your worries and aches, then soaking you in complete sensory isolation. By dampening your faculties and watering down your perception of stimulation around you, this strain gives you the opportunity to really get away from it all.


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