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Sweet CBD Hemp Seeds

Sweet CBD Hemp Seeds





These Indica-dominant seeds boast a powerhouse terpene profile and produce a scent that you’ll definitely want to savor long after your plant has matured. Low in THC and abundant in CBD, our Sweet hemp seeds are a true paragon.

100% organic and lab tested, Sweet seeds make for a Zen master’s wet dream. With a whopping 20.8% CBD, the resulting colas are candy-coated with substantial trichomes.

Crossbreeding is achieved by combining landrace strains from Afghanistan and Hawaii, each of which blooms in ideal climates. Our cultivar is meticulously cared for throughout the germination process, leading to cuttings and seeds that are unparalleled.

With a dry, woodsy taste and a pungent flowery finish, Sweet seeds will yield dense, fragrant nugs with dark green and flaming orange hairs. Your hemp flowers will give off sweet notes of tangerine and spice.

And the distinctive smell isn’t all that these seeds have going for them. Their dominant terpenes and unsurpassed parentage produce a singular upmarket strain that stands out among others. The full breadth of this one is remarkable, to say the least.

Sweet CBD hemp seeds are rich in Humulene, Myrcene, Linalool, Ocimene, Pinene and Valencene. All of these terpenes work in conjunction with CBD. The ever-abundant Mycene gives your hemp flower its fruity notes while flooring you with its sedative qualities.

Ocimene works in concert with Humulene to give Sweet its minty and spicy aroma which balances the earthy notes of Pinene and the citrusy notes of Valencene quite nicely. Altogether, they provide the full spectrum of terpenes.

Indoor flowering time can typically be expected to occur within 10 weeks with 450-650 gram per m2. Outdoor flowering time is about 10-11 weeks, depending on your environment. You can expect a yield of approximately 1,000 gr per plant.

Growers can anticipate an indoor growth height of 40 cm while outdoor plants will generally reach 85 cm in height.

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