Super Silver Haze Cannabis Strain Review

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Super Silver Haze Cannabis Strain

Multi-awarded, the Super Silver Haze strain is among the most formidable herbs on the market. Synonymous with ‘sativa’, Super Silver Haze has helped in shaping what we thing of energizing cannabis varieties, and has worked towards developing our golden standard.

Uplifting, mood changing, and motivating, Super Silver Haze is great for those moments when you feel stressed out, unhappy, and just not your best self. But more than that, Super Silver Haze is hailed for its ability to address issues like dizziness, cognitive distress, and feelings of poor wellness to help you achieve a healthier, more vibrant disposition.


Origins of the Super Silver Haze Strain

The first-place genetics behind the Super Silver Haze comes from two equally prominent parent herbs. One being almost pure sativa, and the other a balanced hybrid, the Super Silver Haze’s awakening impact really is no wonder when you consider its intense ancestors, the first of which is the Haze, of course.

The Haze strain is likely one of the most popular genetic backbones throughout the marijuana industry. Having fathered hundreds of other cannabis strains after it, Haze emerged during the 60’s as one of the pioneers, when marijuana varieties were only just becoming a thing. Energetic and creative, this strain sends a buzz of vigor shooting up and down the spine for hours of motivation and productivity.

Skunk No. 1 is Haze’s genetic partner in the concoction of Super Silver Haze. The classic hybrid first emerged in to 70’s, and has since been used throughout the cannabis market as a parent for various other genetic combinations throughout the years. What makes Skunk particularly popular is its iconic pungent flavor and aroma that takes veterans and purists shooting straight back into the hay days of cannabis.


Super Silver Haze Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

At a glance, the Super Silver Haze strain displays a glorious combination of colors ranging from earthy tones of brown, to fiery orange that adds a touch of whimsy to their overall look. The orange yellow nugs are brushed with hints of neon and pastel green, further enhancing bag appeal and lending dynamism and depth that can catch the attention of any eager cannabis head.

Aptly named Super Silver Haze, the strain demonstrates a metallic sheen of crystallized trichomes that glisten and glitter even under dim light conditions. These fuzzy white hairs produce that sticky glorious resin that contains cannabinoids. And because the Super Silver Haze strain showcases a lush garden of trichomes, you can expect the strain to deliver a powerful punch.

The nose of the Super Silver Haze strain is a contrasting blend of sweet fruit and berry, and skunk. While the hints of sweetness might make you want to dive in even further, the pungent odor can be a hindrance. For novices, sniffing in smaller amounts can bring the delicious aroma of fruit into the olfactories without drowning in the smelly skunk that comes with it.


Super Silver Haze terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The first thing you’ll encounter after lighting up a bowl of Super Silver Haze is a competition between the key players of its flavor profile. The initial taste can be confusing as skunk and fruit fight it out to command your attention. Needless to say, neither of the flavors win, and some users might light a second bowl to chase after the flavors that can be easily lost in the whirlwind of flavor components.

Once you finish up the bowl and take a seat, Super Silver Haze’s effects can start to creep into your cognition. A sudden pang of clarity brightens the darkest corners of your mind, bringing with it an air of positivity and well-being. Then a surge of power rages through your spine and down your legs, charging your limbs with unlimited energy that can make you want to move and get things done.

Banishing all feelings of being unwell, Super Silver Haze can put you in a disposition that’s perfect for productivity. Without the many different distractions that might keep you from fulfilling obligations, you stand the chance to finish up that long list of to-dos without a moment to lose.


Super Silver Haze cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

The Super Silver Haze plant is likely one of the most difficult strains to grow, so novice farmers should be careful to undertake such a fastidious herb. With high demand for heat and sun, and very specific needs for nutrition, it can be tough to see the Super Silver Haze plant through to maturity.

Growing up to 6 feet in height, the Super Silver Haze strain yields a modest 1 to 3 ounces of bud for each foot. Sure, that might not be a lot, and you will have to wait up to 3 months to get your hands on any of the returns of your effort, but the strain’s unique genetics might make it well worth the wait and trouble.

Some people who look into the growing requirements of the SSH herb dismiss the strain as a bad choice for cannabis-derived products. Certainly, there are other cultivars out there that can give you a higher yield for a shorter amount of time and less effort. But because of SSH’s strong genetic profile, it might still make a suitable raw material for potent, top-tier extracts and concentrates.


Who Is It For?

Individuals battling it out with feelings of being unwell, dizziness, and lack of appetite can reap wonderful benefits from the use of Super Silver Haze. But more than its effects of the distresses of daily life and illness, this strain can also be a smart pick if you want to turn around a sour mood or put your mind in a state of total productivity. Bringing your energy levels into full throttle, this strain can help you achieve a level of total concentration that helps get shit done.

On the other hand, it can be a really painstaking herb to bring to maturity. So, unless you’ve got the patience and skill to grow such a demanding strain, then maybe you’d want to try something a little less rigorous. Nonetheless, the herb itself presents properties that no other can mirror, so if you’re dead set on having your own Super Silver Haze herb, then it might be worth the shot.


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