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Super Lemon Haze Hemp Seeds

Super Lemon Haze Hemp Seeds





Crossbred with a high-CBD male, these seeds are a satisfying blend of Indica and Sativa. These cannabidiol-rich seeds produce delectable nugs with 12% THC to 19.5-20% CBD.

Super Lemon Haze CBD hemp seeds induce a gentler, more spiritual experience than others, providing a cost-productive way to maintain a stock of aromatic hemp flowers.

With a stunning bouquet of cracked black pepper, bawdy mushrooms and lemon zest, your nugs will knock you out with their superior pungency. Super Lemon Haze CBD hemp is as tasty as it is chill.

A glorious, citrusy Sativa-dominant hybrid with a distinct cannabinoid/terpene profile, Super Lemon Haze results in wispy nugs with enough red hairs to make Elmer Fudd envious. Ideal for those who wish to grow a sociable plant whose hemp flower will get them dancing, talking and generally having a blast, Super Lemon Haze leads to just that.

With the presence of Lemon Skunk genetics, you can expect your plant to grow like a vine with long spaces betwixt inter-nodes. As such, you will be able to influence growth every step of the way.

Since our seeds are crossbred with Lemon Skunk, you will get a fruity flavor and a fine time without the oft-bitter aroma of other Sativa strains.

Flowering time can generally be expected within 10 weeks with an impressive 800 gram per m2 when grown indoors. Outdoor flowering time is approximately 11 weeks with a staggering yield of 1,200 gr per plant.

Growers can expect these seeds to produce an indoor plant of at least 40 cm in height with a yield of about 800 gr/m2. Outdoor plants will typically reach 85-120 cm in height with a whopping 1,200 gr/m2.

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