Super Glue Cannabis Strain Review

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Super Glue Cannabis Strain

There’s a reason this strain is called Super Glue. With heightened relaxing effects that can glue you to your seat for hours, this is the strain you need if you want a rest from the cares of the world. Super Glue can weigh down your limbs, pushing you into a state of absolute surrender. But despite weighing down the body, this interesting cultivar doesn’t weigh down the mind. Even at the full force of its potent effects, the herb lets you enjoy daily conversation and socialization without a hint of impact on your lucidity.

With its effects, Super Glue is just as enjoyable whether you’re on your own or with your friends. It’s blend of both relaxing body-centric effects and heightening cognitive impact make it ideal for use after a long day of work, or when you’re expecting friends over. Sure enough, Super Glue is likely to find a place in your shelf of cannabis staples, offering distinct benefits that can calm your body without keeping your mind hostage.


Origins of the Super Glue Strain

The Super Glue strain is the lovechild of two beloved herbs – one untouched landrace, and the other, a premier cannabis staple. These include the Afghani landrace and Northern Lights. The Afghani is reported to be one of the most utilized cannabis landraces, bringing breeders to their knees with her powerful calming effects and distinct flavor profile. Untouched by human hands and untampered by altered cultivation, this strain brings untouched, unhinged, all-natural genetics to the breeding table.

On the other hand, we have the Norther Lights cultivar. Another child of the Afghani landrace, this herb came to be when breeders took the Afghani and bred her with the Thai landrace. The resulting herb is what we’ve come to know as the Northern Lights – a formidable pure indica that delivers drowsy calming effects that can subdue any restless spirit.

What resulted from the combination of these two parents is the Super Glue strain – an indica-leaning hybrid that that boasts of the relaxation typical of indica but also mental clarity and focus that is common is sativa strains. The cerebral stimulation coupled with just the right couch lock delivers an interestingly distinct overall encounter that puts the strain in a league of its own.


Super Glue Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Unlike the typical indica, the Super Glue strain grows in smaller bushy plants with condensed leaves and compact nugs. Its sage green leaves are tightly curled and intertwined with deep orange hairs that make the buds look significantly eye-catching, boasting excellent bag appeal. It’s coating of frosty white trichomes are sticky to the touch – yet another reason why the strain gets its clever name.

If you do have a grinder and manage to break up the buds, you’ll find that they release a spicy sandalwood aroma, owing to its Afghani parentage. But the whole buds themselves without the breaking apart and griding produce a delicate citrus aroma that intertwines with pine and herb. Needless to say, the stuff also lets off a distinct skunky aroma. So if you were hoping to keep your stash to yourself, it would be wise to keep the strain at home where it’s less likely to pique the interest of the people around you.


Experience and Effects

The first smoke will give you an abrupt head rush. This varies from person to person, but dizziness is a common effect that most of those who try the herb encounter just minutes after the first toke. But as the gentle spinning winds down, the body adjusts to the light, airy feeling and the carefree cognitive state that welcomes you with a warm embrace. Ever further down the line, the herb stimulates a sense of clarity and awareness, heightening your cognition into a state of exaggerated sensation.

Thoughts race and the body succumbs to the relaxing effects of the herb’s potent chemistry. And as the dust finally settles, the mind is placed at the helm of the experience, with full lucidity and consciousness encased in a body of relentless relaxation and calm. Of course, couchlock won’t soon be too far away. And as you smile and fiddle with the many different thoughts and ideas that come popping into your head, the strain lifts away discomfort and unease to help you fully enjoy the relaxation.


Super Glue Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Super Glue is a notorious clone only plant, so if you’re interested in growing your own Super Glue herb, you’ll first have to find some live clippings in your area. Once you do manage to get a live plant, the process is pretty simple. The herb itself grows fairly well both in and outdoors, but will often thrive best where you’re in full control of its environment. Do note however that unlike most marijuana plants that prefer ultra-dry conditions, the Super Glue herb thrives best where there’s a little humidity.

Reaching full maturity in just around 8 to 9 weeks from the seed, Super Glue brings a bountiful harvest that averages 5 to 6 ounces for every foot of its height. And while it doesn’t really grow too tall, it’s worth noting that the Super Glue plant does grow fast. So you can take advantage of its growth and reap multiple harvests in a single year.


Who Is It For?

It’s thick smoke and intense flavor may put-off the low-tolerance user. But most novices and beginners find the Super Glue strain to be an easy start, thanks to its mellow, tolerable effects that don’t bog down on the brain. Its ultra calming benefits that take control of the body can be a fine way to learn the intricacies of couchlock without having to surrender your mind to the process. That said, many veterans and purists will come to love its perfect blend of relaxation and stimulation, helping you keep yourself in check despite the heavy impact on your overall self.

For growers, Super Glue can pose a challenge in that it calls for a little bit of humidity. If you’re careful and you’re quick to spot the potential for mold and mildew, then it might be a fun plant to grow and cultivate, especially if you’ve got a bit of experience up your sleeve.



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