Sunset Sherbert Cannabis Strain Review

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Sunset Sherbert Cannabis Strain

Otherwise called Sherbert, Sunset Sherbert is the crown jewel of the Girl Scout Cookies lineage. Propped up to be next big hot shot after GSC, Sunset Sherbert is an indica veering hybrid that delivers both powerful flavor and intense effects. Beloved for its capabilities in calming and relaxing the body, this strain is also known for its euphoric, cerebral effects that provide a surge of cognitive energy that can spark creativity and thought processes without actually enticing you to move.

So as your body soaks up the relaxation and relief, your mind is led into a state of absolute productivity where thoughts and ideas scurry and rush like a fresh fountain of pure creative bliss. All of this and more, contained in the pure blissful fragrance and flavor of fruity goodness and spicy zest.


The Origins of the Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Strain

There’s a reason why Sunset Sherbert didn’t have to go through those moments of being a relative unknown since being released into the commercial Cannabis market. And that’s mostly because of its parentage. The descendant of two eminent herbs, there was really no question about whether or not Sunset Sherbet would become a hit.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is perhaps one of the most highly coveted cultivars out there, and it contributes its stellar, award-winning genetics to give Sunset Sherbet its distinct properties. An almost perfect hybrid, the GSC strain veers ever so slightly towards the sativa side of the genetic spectrum, tipping the scale 60 to 40. Its strong spicy pepper flavor is evident in the Sherbet strain, as well as its body melting effects that take away physical distress.

Pink Panties jumps into the mix with its solid indica chemistry. Known for its focused cerebral effects, Pink Panties hands down its cognitive-centric impact that lends Sherbet its intense proeprties that target the mind. Together with the wakefulness, Pink Panties also produces a strong floral scent that’s present in hints through the Sherbet strain.


Sunset Sherbert Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Aptly named ‘Sunset’ Sherbet, this cultivar showcases beautiful yellow orange leaves that might remind you of the glorious haze during golden hour. The blissful sunset colorway is intensified by the unruly mop of tresses that stem from every crevice on the nugs’ surface, adding texture and dramatizing the aesthetic for a more unkempt appearance. But what really highlights its untouched forest look is its thick layer of fuzzy white fur.

The trichomes that cover the surfaces of the Sunset Sherbertnugs make them look much fatter than they actually are. The dense layer envelopes every inch of the herb and trickles with the dewy, glistening resin that contains its intense chemistry. Powerfully potent, this nectar oozes from the leaves and coats the nugs in a sheen of shiny, tacky film that makes its orange yellow leaves look slightly metallic.

Not to disappoint its onlookers, the Sunset Sherbet strain gives justice to its name by enticing the olfactories with a multi-layered sensory experience that courts the nostrils. Its strong scents of orange and tangerine waltz together with mint and herb, allowing a refreshing aroma to take over your senses during that initial whiff. Take your time with the strain and you’ll find subtle notes of pepper, spice, and chamomile tucked away between its compact leaves.


Sunset Sherbert terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Unlike other strains that command the mind before trickling down to the body, the Sunset Sherbet cultivar saves the brain for last. It starts out with an eruption of energy that shoots up from the base of the feet, buzzing through the spine and limbs and relaxing every clenched muscle you might have. This works to impose a body melt all over, aiming to relieve any aches, discomfort, and tension that might be holding you back from complete relaxation.

As you soak up the sudden release from the various aches and woes that might be weighing down on your body, the chemistry then moves into the attic. Here, it sweeps away mental clutter to clear up your bandwidth. At most, you should expect to be able to concentrate on one thought at a time, allowing you to examine ideas in full detail without any mental static clouding your judgement.

All in all, Sunset Sherbet is a strain that confines all activity to your mind. Locking you to your couch with an all-consuming body melt, this cultivar amps up cerebral functioning and mood to help you experience supreme cognitive clarity and creativity so you can make the most of these moments when there’s nothing burdening your body.


Sunset Sherbert Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Novice farmers would do best to steer away from growing Sunset Sherbet if you’re not used to disappointment. As a moderately difficult crop, the herb will require quite some time and effort to achieve its full potential. That said, it would be ideal to hold the commodity within an enclosed growing facility where you’re in a better position to manage the elements and variables surrounding it.

Growing an average of 4 feet, give or take 2 feet, the Sunset Sherbet strain will have relatively compact bushy growth that could require topping. After about 7 to 9 weeks from the seed, the plant should be able to provide you a modest yield of 1 to 3 ounces for every square foot of its size. Sure, it’s not going to be an abundant return, but with the kind of chemistry that Sherbet provides, it might be well worth the toil.


Who Is It For?

Feeling clouded and confused? The Sunset Sherbet strain makes the idea choice if you need to get in the zone. Putting you in the perfect disposition for uninterrupted thought processes, the cerebral effects that the plant provides can set the stage for creative thinking and unencumbered judgement. Take a toke if you feel the need to zero in on a decision, or if you’re just stuck in a creative rut. The Sunset Sherbet strain has what it takes to get those cogs moving and bring you to fruitful thinking with its intense effects and impressive flavor.


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