Strawberry Lemonade Cannabis Strain Review

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Strawberry Lemonade Cannabis Strain

Like taking a sip of an energizing, refreshing glass of lemony berry goodness on a hot and heavy day, the Strawberry Lemonade herb revitalizes the system with its invigorating flavor and sensational aroma. Sure, you’ve probably yet to find it through your favorite dispensary, and that’s mostly because it’s not the easiest crop to grow. Nonetheless, the herb has won the 2015 High Times’ Denver Cannabis Cup as the Best Sativa Concentrate.

Despite being a relative rarity, the Strawberry Lemonade herb has wooed enough of its small patronage to have risen to the top as an award-winning variety. Knowing that, do you really want to give up the privilege of stuffing this strain in your bowl? Didn’t think so.


The Origins of the Strawberry Lemonade Strain

A strong sativa, Strawberry Lemonade touts genetics that incorporates a slight indica tinge, although it isn’t a hybrid. This is mainly the result of the marriage that resulted to its impressive chemistry. The lovechild of an indica-leaning hybrid from the OG lineage and a solid sativa, the Strawberry Lemonade’s confused identity ultimate results to a powerful energizing tune that incorporates a few notes from the indica side of the spectrum.

The Lemon OG kush – a descendant of the iconic OG #18 – is an indica-biased hybrid with calming, relaxing benefits. Offering moderate creativity and motivation, the gentle effects of Lemon OG can be described as balanced and pleasant. At most, its sativa effects are a mild mood boost and relaxed euphoria that can induce bouts of smiling and laughter without truly overcoming your sensibilities.

Then there’s the Strawberry Cough herb. A sativa through and through, this fruity, flavorful herb lends its intense taste and fragrance to its Strawberry Lemonade offspring. In terms of effects, it’s intensity as a sativa definitely override that of its child, but nonetheless, there are similarities in the overall climate of their impact.


Strawberry Lemonade Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Loosely packed nugs characterize the Strawberry Lemonade herb. Its leaves – widely spaced apart – are especially delicate to touch. Handling the nugs with utmost care should help keep its little clusters intact and prevent the production of shakes. On the surface, the nugs tout a beautiful strawberry blonde hue, intensified by the white fur that covers all of its leaves. These trichomes – almost golden in appearance – make the nugs look like and airy, further exaggerating its delicate appeal.

Breaking the nugs open showcases a darker undertone that courses just behind the leaves. These beautiful, rich, dark tones enhance the nugs’ overall bag appeal, but more importantly, release rich terpenes into the air to intensify the strain’s aroma.

If there were any way to describe the smell that comes from the leaves of the Strawberry Lemonade herb, it would be divine. As one of the most aromatic cultivars out there, Strawberry Lemonade knows exactly what cards to play in order to draw in its patronage. No wonder in won the title Best Sativa Concentrate.


Strawberry Lemonade terpene profile


Experience and Effects

As a sativa, relaxation isn’t Strawberry Lemonade’s strongest suit. Sure, it’s going to calm you and in some cases, it might make you feel a little tranquil. But more than anything, this stuff focuses on mood. With your disposition as its main priority, the Strawberry Lemonade cultivar reshapes the way you feel to bring you to a brand new level of happiness. As though inspiring your innermost joy, this strain works to relieve all of the various distractions and worries that might be keeping you from feeling your best.

Then of course, all of those other feelgood effects come trailing behind. Euphoria, heightened energy, and an uplifted sense of well-being are all part of the experience. Needless to say, the Strawberry Lemonade strain really works exactly as its name suggests. It’s a pick-me-up, a refresher, an oasis in the middle of a dark, dreary, and dismal day.

All of these blissful effects are enveloped in the enticing flavors of sweet berry and lemonade. That initial toke will caress your taste buds with the intricate flavor of sweet fruit and citrus, all with a palpable yet palatable twang of bitter earth. The smoke itself is light, airy, and smooth, easing down through your throat int the most pleasant fashion. Almost leaving a feeling of coolness in its wake, the delicate plumes themselves can be a welcome experience and a refreshing sensory encounter.


Strawberry Lemonade Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

The thing about Strawberry Lemonade is that it isn’t the easiest commodity to grow. Selective in the kind of environment that it chooses to thrive in, Strawberry Lemonade will require quite a lot of effort from its cultivator. That’s also why not a lot of brands offer the variety, since it takes substantial experience, time, and resources to grow. Nonetheless, if you’re up for the challenge, you best make sure you have suitable indoor facilities to see it thrive.

Play your cards right, and you might find that the plant reaches flowering from the seed within about 7 to 9 weeks. Each square foot of its growth will earn you about 4 to 5 ounces of bud, which isn’t too shabby considering the effort that goes into its cultivation. Just make the herb gets substantial heat, sun, and rich, fertile soil throughout its growth to maximize its genetic potential.


Who Is It For?

While it isn’t exactly a heavy-handed sativa, it’s effects are definitely energetic and active. For beginners hoping to move through the ranks and push the limits of their tolerance, the Strawberry Lemonade herb makes a sound choice. Then again, veterans hoping to tone things down with a more controlled sativa encounter, the same can be a smart pick.

Taste-wise, there’s really not a lot to worry about with Strawberry Lemonade. Light and pleasing to the palate, the herb can easily adapt to any user’s preference, so novices can effortlessly down a toke or two without so much as a squint.


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